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A Look into Zeta’s Employee Resource Groups

At Zeta, we’re working every day to build a culture of trust and belonging through our DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) initiative, Zeta Unity. We are proud to provide a forum for employees to connect, support, and advocate for one another so that everyone has the space to be their authentic selves at work — and our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are at the center of this!  

Our ERGs focus on celebrating diverse backgrounds and perspectives, advocating for the needs of their community, and educating others on how to become an ally. The latter is achieved by hosting a variety of events for our employees, such as panel discussions that highlight the experiences of those who are marginalized. Our ERGs also invest in and partner with external communities to provide more learning opportunities and support for groups in and outside of Zeta. Here’s a look into our ERGs! 

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is an ERG focused on inspiring change through action that benefits the Black community in and outside of Zeta. Bridge Builders has continuously partnered with various organizations to mentor students from underrepresented backgrounds through resume building, mock interviews, and other career workshops. One of these partnerships was with The Boyd Initiative, an organization that aims to help young Black Professionals discover careers in Advertising and Media. As a result of this partnership, Zeta was able to hire more than 11 students from underrepresented backgrounds for our Summer ‘22 Internship Program. 

The ERG also serves as a “bridge” that helps further the discussion towards true inclusivity by raising awareness on the importance of historical dates and hosting panels that highlight the roadblocks Black and Brown professionals face in our industry. In honor of Black History Month, one of the panels focused on Bridging the Inclusivity Gap in MarTech and AdTech. 

LiT (Latinx in Tech)

Another ERG that has leveraged external partnerships to advocate for the community they represent is LiT (Latinx in Tech). LiT empowers Latinx employees at Zeta and in technology through education and career advancement. Thanks to our leaders, the ERG kicked off 2022 with a volunteer event in collaboration with the Girls Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) to teach young girls and non-binary students the basics of coding. This partnership also allowed our locally based employees to gather in person for an important cause and engage in team-building activities. 

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month this year, LiT hosted a mix of virtual and in person events, including an intimate discussion on ‘What Does Hispanic Heritage Month Mean to You?’ and a comedy special featuring a lineup of Latinx comedians at our New York Headquarters during Zeta’s 15th Anniversary celebration.  


MOSAIC, an ERG Zeta launched this year, aims to promote and celebrate the wealth of ideas and rich heritage & culture among our employees of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) descent and to advocate for the diverse needs of this community. Their very first panel titled ‘Enough Already: Stop Asian Hate’ was extremely impactful in raising global awareness around the increase of anti-Asian hate happening across the US. It also provided a platform for our API employees and their allies to voice their feelings on being silenced and feeling unsafe. The leaders of MOSAIC have made it a point to keep the engagement up with a call-to-action for employees to sign up for membership and have an opportunity to meet one another through a virtual Meet and Greet.


Zeta PRIDE, our ERG for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, uses storytelling to educate employees and make Zeta as inclusive as possible. Year after year, Zeta PRIDE has made it their mission to empower employees to be allies by equipping them with the knowledge needed to understand the overlapping and siloed struggles the LGBTQIA+ community faces in professional and personal settings. The Zeta PRIDE leadership team kicked off Pride Month with an ‘Ask PRIDE Anything’ panel to provide employees with the opportunity to connect with them, ask questions about their experiences, and engage in meaningful conversation. The month-long celebrations ended at the annual NYC Pride Parade alongside The Queer Big Apple Corps Marching Band.

WING (Women’s Initiative for Greatness)

Last, but certainly not least, is one of Zeta’s first ever ERGs, WING (Women’s Initiative for Greatness). WING’s focus is inspiring and empowering women at Zeta, but also across the globe through a variety of ways. In the past year, WING has created many opportunities for members to discuss their experiences in a safe space by hosting monthly ‘Real Talk, Real Life’ discussions. These discussions range from learning how to navigate your career in a male-dominated industry to learning how to providing a platform for women and allies to share their thoughts, experiences, and feelings following important policy decisions.  

While WING has been successful in fostering a sense of belonging for all women at Zeta, the leadership team also hosted their second annual International Day of the Girl event, in partnership with eBay, to highlight the career trajectory of Zeta’s own trailblazers leading the way in Martech.

We’re grateful and extremely proud of our ERG leaders and employees who show up every day to make Zeta an inclusive and safe place to work for everyone. 




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