Release Radar

August Release Radar

In this release, we’re excited to launch a range of new insights tools powered by the Zeta Data Cloud, the ability to connect to any engagement channel with the all-new Channel Manager, major usability enhancements for Audience Explorer, email validation and more. 



New Opportunity Calendar

Make your campaigns more timely with the all-new Opportunity Calendar, which shows addressable audiences and opportunities based on upcoming events relevant to your brand!

New Vertical Insights

Discover new vertical insights in Consumer Banking, Dining, and Entertainment. The New Mover Index unlocks new revenue opportunities based on location and transaction patterns of consumers that have recently moved or are planning to move.

Visitation Trends 

Identify revenue opportunities in Designated Marketing Areas (DMA) based on real-time traffic to competitor brands and other location visits.

Online Trends 

Create more engaging messaging by incorporating Online Trends that track customer and prospect interests in real-time.

Key Opportunity Summary

Save time with the new Key Opportunity Summary, which shows your top actionable opportunities available now.



Create Innovative Customer Experiences with the all-new Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a powerful new interface that lets you add any external engagement channel to the Zeta Marketing Platform. Add new channels in minutes for instant use in the Experience Builder to seamlessly create, deploy, and optimize your omnichannel customer experiences across all of your marketing technology. 

To learn more about how to leverage the Channel Manager, check out the video here, and reach out to a team member to get started!

Drive Stronger Customer Connections with Two-Way SMS Messaging

New Two-Way SMS capabilities allow you to automate real-time customer conversations in the Zeta Marketing Platform, including quick-response surveys, mobile opt-in workflows, appointment confirmations, and more!

Validating your Email Content has Never Been Easier!

Reduce the risk of email content and template errors with new content validation controls. Preview and send test messages to multiple recipients in a single step. Add subject line prefixes, curate custom mailing lists, and properties for testing dynamic creatives.

New APIs for Better Customer Service

Two new APIs will help you solve a common Customer Service issue. When a customer has not received a particular email, Customer Service can now easily see what messages customers previously received, preview an email message, and re-send an email to any email address with a lookback window of up to six months.



Maximize Audience Targeting with your First-Party Data

New Audience Explorer enhancements will supercharge your ability to discover, explore, and segment Zeta audiences with your first-party data overlay. Combine the power of your own customer data with Zeta Data Cloud attributes to create enriched audiences for better targeting. 


Easier Segmentation in Audience Explorer

We have simplified the Audience Explorer navigation to make it easier to find and activate your enriched customer lists and lookalikes. Clearer filtering, new suggestive search criteria, and bulk include/exclude capabilities allow for real-time counts and discovery through an intuitive, drop-down navigation.

We encourage you to try these new features and look forward to hearing your feedback! As always, if you have questions about any functionality, please contact your Zeta Account Team.


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