Zeta product updates

February Release Radar

In this release, we have added significant enhancements to Insights along with a range of functional improvements that help our customers create innovative Experiences and reach new heights with the Platform.


New Dynamic Heatmaps

The ability to visualize where a recipient clicks in an email is a high priority for marketers. Many platforms have heatmap reporting that optimizes static content only, but, as marketing evolves to one-to-one personalization, legacy heatmaps are no longer adequate for finetuning performance. Zeta’s new dynamic heatmap reporting aggregates dynamic links within the email body to provide better insight into how your prospects and customers are engaging with each message.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Dynamic heatmaps in the Zeta Marketing Platform

In addition to dynamic heatmaps, the link reporting provides more efficient ways to filter and view campaign links, with aggregate link reporting across campaigns available from the ‘Campaign List’.

Note: Dynamic Heatmaps Reporting is available for email campaigns sent after Dec. 18, 2019.

For more information on dynamic heatmap reporting, please visit our Knowledgebase.

Conversion and Revenue Attribution

The Zeta Marketing Platform has the unique ability to orchestrate and measure experiences holistically across all channels. This game-changing view allows for the attribution of conversions and revenue for all consumers across all touchpoints.

In other platforms, attribution is limited to one linear path (consumer clicks and then converts directly after the click). This isn’t a sufficient view, as most consumer journeys are not linear. In order to improve attribution, we’ve extended the attribution window from 15 to 30 days.

Now, any conversion within a 30-day window will be tied to the last campaign clicked by the recipient, greatly improving marketers’ ability to attribute performance in a multi-touch brand experience.

For more information on conversion and revenue attribution, click here.


Email Deliverability Enhancements

We’ve updated bounce status configurations within the Zeta Marketing Platform to ensure the highest level of email deliverability and visibility into the status of each consumer. Updates include:

  • Last Bounce vs. First Bounce: Previously, individuals were not marked as undeliverable when the ISP would return a soft bounce followed by a hard bounce, as we were only recognizing the first bounce. New tracking by last bounce allows for a more accurate deliverability rating across an individual’s history.
  • Soft Bounce Counts: Previously, sending several emails to a person in a short period of time could cause a series of soft bounces that ultimately created a hard bounce. To mitigate this, we now count only one soft bounce every 24 hours.
  • Bounce Identification: We’ve improved the identification of hard versus soft bounces with an API that updates the regular expressions that help us identify the bounce, ensuring individual profile statuses are continuously accurate.

Read more about these email deliverability enhancements in our Knowledgebase.

Message Estimation Improvements

Estimating the count of messages prior to launching a campaign is an integral component of the campaign planning process. Our previous estimation logic was individual-based and did not account for some of the messaging aspects leading to wider count fluctuations at times.

Improve Estimation for Zeta Marketing Platform

Message Count estimator in the Zeta Marketing Platform 

Message count estimation has been converted from individual-based counts to message-based estimation logic, dramatically improving the accuracy of count estimates.

Data Flexibility

Snowflake Data Sharing

Today’s marketing ecosystem demands real-time data streaming to and from any platform at any time. In our continued effort to increase marketers’ flexibility and access to actionable customer data, the Zeta Marketing Platform can now share platform and event data directly to our customers’ external Snowflake instances for further analysis and action. 

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