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January Release Radar

In this release, we have introduced a new Customer Acquisition interface in the platform, expanded Audience Insights, and creation capabilities, along with new Experience Builder editing that makes it easier to adapt to continuously changing customer needs.



New Customer Acquisition Interface

One important capability that sets Zeta apart is the ability to launch customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of our customers using our leading proprietary Data Cloud. You can search within the Data Cloud to discover new audiences, acquire new customers, and target existing customers based on billions of live intent signals we see monthly. 

The new Customer Acquisition interface streamlines those campaign requests and centralizes all performance reporting, reducing the need to manage multiple media vendors. You can now access Zeta’s proprietary view of intent and identity to draw insights about your customers, acquire new customers, and create Programmatic, Social, and Email campaign requests to onboard them.

There are four key components to the new interface:

  1. Dashboard – View Data Cloud Insight Reports to inform your acquisition strategy based on actionable, prospect data

  2. Audience – Determine who to target by querying Zeta’s Data Cloud

  3. Campaigns – Submit campaign requests and select your channel, budget, conversion goals and KPIs
  4. Reports – Track the success of your campaigns holistically via standard and custom reporting and visualizations

Customer Acquisition Interface in the Zeta Marketing Platform

Automated Audience Insights

Zeta’s Automated Audience Insights provides real-time data visualizations focusing on existing and newly acquired audiences. This tool helps users identify top Zeta audiences for acquisition campaign activation. Based on high-indexing Data Cloud overlays, this unique data better inform acquisition and growth marketing strategies.

Automated Audience Insights in the Zeta Marketing Platform

Zeta Discussion Index (ZDI) Audience Improvements

The Zeta Discussion Index (ZDI) is a tool that helps understand key topics of interest and conversation from consumers across the globe. It is used to inform market opportunities and audience targeting options from within Zeta’s proprietary Data Cloud and within your existing customer base. 

New ZDI improvements now make it easier for our users to see prospect and customer interests and insights day-over-day, week-over-week, etc. These include:

Improved Consumption Trends

ZDI tracks both publishing trends (volume of pages published on a given topic) and consumption trends (views of content for a given topic). This new enhancement allows us to process significantly more activity data over a longer period of time to improve the accuracy and reach of our consumption trend indexing.

Index Segmentation

In order to gain better visibility into how trends within a discussion index vary by audience, we are adding the ability to select from three categories of audience segments: age/generation, gender, and ethnicity. Additional options will continue to be added over.


Segment Comparison

It is now easier than ever to see how different segments interact within a discussion index. The new segment comparison feature will enable platform users to choose up to three segments and see their trends simultaneously for each of the topics in a selected ZDI.



Experience Builder – Seamless Editing

Zeta’s Experience Builder is a powerful lifecycle messaging tool for marketers who want to automate their one-to-one customer journeys. Our users often need to adjust live campaigns based on ever-changing business dynamics. Before, adjusting a live campaign meant stopping the Experience before editing, halting any further messages to in-flight users. With this update, it is now possible to edit a live experience without risking the in-flight users’ experience, allowing for continuous, consistent communication in the original Experience flow until a new one is saved.


Experience Builder in the Zeta Marketing Platform

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