Release Radar

July Release Radar

In this release, we’re excited to launch a brand new look for the Opportunity Explorer, a new way to discover customers with Facebook Lead Ads, more targeting capabilities, a variety of email enhancements and more ways to slice and filter reporting data.

Our Product Team is super-excited to see how these innovations will help you elevate your customer experience to the next level!


New Visual Design for the Opportunity Explorer

Exciting new visual updates to the Opportunity Explorer make it easier than ever to find your next real-time growth opportunity! Both market and customer-level insights are now framed within visual tiles, with new outcome-based descriptions that make it easier to understand how to use each tile. You can fully customize the look of each tile using a new image library and choose which insights to track in your dashboard using drag-and-drop controls.

New Visual Design

Additionally, new counts now appear above the dashboard to provide a real-time look at the US Audiences and Households you can reach across various channels with the Zeta Data Cloud. 

New Customer Discovery with Facebook Lead Ads

Now, you can enhance your customer acquisition efforts with real-time lead capture directly through Facebook ads. Leveraging this feature enriches your new customer onboarding experience by incorporating Facebook, in tandem with your other nurture channels seamlessly from within the omnichannel Experience Builder. 

For more information on new customer discovery with Facebook Lead Ads, check out our Knowledgebase here.



Additional Content Sharing

Content can be used across parent and child account structures in the Zeta Marketing Platform, such as an email footer that is consistent across all campaigns. Email templates and snippets can now be shared across accounts, enabling you to reuse content more efficiently. 


New Transparency for Estimating Message Counts

Estimating counts of messages prior to sending a campaign ensures that targeting criteria are aligned with your campaign goals. To further improve transparency and control, we’ve added the ability to drill down into pre-send message counts. Gain insight into the factors that affect message counts, so you can fine-tune your targeting criteria with more precision than ever.

For a complete list of message count terms, check out our Knowledgebase here.

Estimating Counts

Dynamic Email Senders

New Dynamic Email Senders for Campaigns and Experiences has been introduced to build on Zeta’s personalization options. You can now add logic to control your From and Reply-To Name and Address directly within the Campaign or Experience using the Zeta Markup Language. This logic can read from properties, events, files, feeds, or resources to set the Sender in the same way that you set dynamic subject lines and other message components. 

Check out our Knowledgebase to learn more about Dynamic Email Senders here.

Dynamic Email Senders

Improved Reporting with Email Link Editing

Link naming and tagging are now available directly within the email editor, improving visibility and understanding of holistic link performance within a campaign.  Additional controls to organize and filter links by names and tags are also now available.

Improved reporting with email link editing

Email Validation Testing Enhancements 

New email validation testing enhancements enable multiple test version sends within a single or multi-version campaign, through the click of a button, significantly reducing internal testing time.

Email Validation Testing Enhancemnets


Audience Explorer Channel Distribution

Now, when exploring Zeta Audiences in the Audience Explorer, you’ll see their addressability across Email, Display, Social, Mobile and Connected TV channels. This illuminates the full extent of your omnichannel opportunity and the channel-specific way to engage with prospects and customers within the Experience Builder.

Audience Explorer

Dramatically Faster Segmentation 

In order to build on efficiency within the Zeta Marketing Platform, we’ve increased segment creation speeds by 300%! Live visual status tracking provides transparency while your segments are processing and you can stay up-to-date by opting into email notifications on their progress.



New Reporting Enhancements

Zeta’s Reporting capabilities now enable more flexible filtering and slicing of campaign performance in new, powerful ways to help drive your omnichannel campaign strategy.  Customize your report with dozens of channel-specific metrics and export your results as a single or recurring download to multiple email addresses to constantly stay informed.

reporting enhancements

To learn more about these new reporting enhancements, check out our Knowledgebase here.

We look forward to hearing your feedback! And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Product team at [email protected].

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