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What Can an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Engine Do for Your Brand?

Marketing is constantly evolving, and embracing new technology is a big part of that evolution. Today, marketers are witnessing the rise of a new medium to reach customers – the internet. With the internet as the medium of the hour, marketers have the ability to accelerate their goals and create better, more engaging campaigns with the power of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. So how can an artificial intelligence marketing engine help your brand?

Optimize Your Content

In the current state of affairs, content shock is very real and growing as a phenomenon. A marketing engine powered by artificial intelligence can be a good way to subdue the effects of content shock and keep the content party raging.

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For all we know, natural language generation and artificial intelligence bots may even be primed to take over the duties of generating content. So let’s make the best of their services while we can. AI Marketing Engines like Boomtrain help you reach your users intelligently, across channels at the time when they are most likely to engage.


Make sense of your Data

As a marketer, playing with data probably isn’t your favourite task. Marketers are creative folks, who are great with people and creating conversations across channels. When necessary, we can crunch data from our social campaigns and outreach and see what works best. So what about when it comes to analysing large, complex amounts of data?


We could use a little help. Although finding meaning from numbers currently requires some manual effort to classify, sort and organize the data, an artificial intelligence marketing engine can make sense of larger amounts of customer engagement data which is increasingly relevant in a world where channels are plenty and data pouring in from every one needs to be analysed and acted on.


Save your Time

The elements of setting up a campaign in marketing have become fairly predictable. A Marketer has to plan the channel of communication, the content and offerings for the campaign, decide who the audience is and when to send them the message. A marketer also needs to make sure that any communication sent reflects well on the brand they represent, and resonates with customers rather than irritates them.

All this takes time and effort, so a little automation can go a long way to free up a marketer’s work. This is why marketing automation became so popular over the past decade. So what is different about a artificial intelligence marketing engine? The answer is that an intelligent engine learns from every campaign and can automate based on channels, segments and more to free up a marketer’s time.


Give you Clarity about your Audience

As marketers, we all love to talk about who our audience is and how we’re engaging them. Yet, a surprising number of marketers still don’t know much about their audience at all. An Artificial Intelligence powered marketing engine take your knowledge of your audience beyond basic segments. This means having context about your audience, not just demographics such as age, gender and location.


boomtrain marketing engine

So instead of knowing that your customer Lucy is 31, and lives in Colorado, your marketing engine could tell you that Lucy just started her first business, has a pet cat and loves your brand. And that is a whole lot more likely to help you create marketing collateral that will make her love your brand. 


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