Machine Learn, Not Machine Burn

Our marketing machines are far from sentient, but they still let us reach our customers in far better ways.

You’re probably feeling stuck behind the curve if your team has yet to adopt AI-supported solutions. There can be a ton of risk involved, but there doesn’t have to be. It’s time to find a way to infuse and elevate your marketing with AI. Making the right choices in a hype curve is critical to ensure you’re not wasting dollars.

It all comes down to picking practical, purposeful applications to test.

No matter where you’re at in your marketing maturity, it’s never too late to take the leap. Defining tangible, addressable challenges for your marketing machines to solve is the foundation on which your AI-driven solutions will thrive.

See Frank Monteforte, Zeta Global’s VP of Product Marketing, highlight how you can optimize the use of AI in your marketing strategy by learning how to pick practical, purposeful applications to pilot on your marketing machine.



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