Digital Consumer Insights During Uncertain Times

While Coronavirus (COVID-19) has no doubt impacted your business in some way, our hope is that you, your friends, and your family are staying safe—now more than ever, health is wealth.  

We know uncertainty isn’t a good thing for your business, which is why we’re keeping a close eye on the economy, market insights and our own consumer data trends. We’d like to offer our guidance to help you through any turbulence caused by sudden shifts.

So far, we have identified a number of industry-specific trends from our Data Cloud that we hope you can use to help your business optimize customer retention and growth: 

+For Hospitality, total bookings per day are down 2.3% in the second half of February compared to the first half, and continue to accelerate. While luxury (-17%), upscale (-9%) and extended stay (-7%) are down, midscale remains flat and economy is slightly rising. 

+In Automotive, North American daily site visitation is down 16%in the second half of February compared to the first, and down 35% YoY. EMEA lead generation is down 4% YoY. 

We plan to continue updating data trends on our blog in real-time. In addition, our team has put together some general guidance on helping your business overcome any challenges over the next several months, which you download below:


The entire Zeta team is here to support you and your marketing team. Remember, the marketing decisions you make today will impact your ability to thrive tomorrow.
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