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10 Must-Have Email E-Comm Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective ecommerce tools at your disposal. It allows you to directly connect with customers and drive traffic back to your store. In this post, we will discuss 10 ecommerce, or ecom email marketing campaigns that you should be using in order to boost sales and conversions.

Welcome emails

Welcome emails are sent to new customers after they make their first purchase or set up an account. These emails are critical because they’re your first direct contact with the customer. They should be friendly and thank the customer for their business. Try to include a coupon code or discount in the welcome email to encourage customers to come back and shop again. For example, many companies offer new customers 10% off their next order.

Loyalty and engagement emails

Loyalty and engagement emails are sent to customers who have been inactive for a period of time. The goal is to re-engage them and get them interested in your store again. There are many ways you can go about this. For example, you could offer a discount code for their next purchase or include a coupon for free shipping. You could also highlight new products or upcoming sales.

Referral emails

The purpose of a referral email is to encourage customers to refer your store to their friends and family. You can incentivize referrals by offering a discount code or other perk for each successful referral. These emails can be sent periodically or whenever someone makes repeated purchases. For example, you could send a referral email after a customer makes their third purchase. Your repeat customers are more likely to refer their friends and will be thankful for any corresponding offers.

Discount emails

Discount emails are sent to customers who have made a purchase but did not take advantage of a discount or coupon code. This is a reminder that they can save money by using a discount code and encourages them to use it on future purchases. It’s a good idea to send out discount emails on a regular basis to keep customers aware of the discounts available. This is especially important around holidays when people are more likely to be making purchases.

Cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment emails are sent to customers who have added items to their cart but have not completed the purchase. This is a reminder that they have items in their cart and encourages them to complete the purchase. 

There are many reasons a customer might abandon their cart, so it’s important to address this in your email. For example, if the customer is having trouble with checkout, you could include a link to an FAQ page. If they abandoned their cart because they were not ready to purchase, you could offer a discount code to incentivize them to come back and complete the purchase.

Order confirmation emails

Order confirmation emails are a type of transactional email. These confirm that an order has been placed and provide the customer with all the pertinent information, such as shipping details and expected delivery date. These emails are important because they provide customers peace of mind and build trust. They won’t be left wondering if the order actually went through, and they’ll have the email to reference later if they want to track delivery.

Upsell or cross-sell emails

Upselling is when you encourage a customer to purchase a more expensive version of the product than they were originally interested in. Cross-selling is when you recommend complementary products to a customer based on what they’ve shown interest in.

Upsell or cross-sell emails are sent to customers who have made a purchase but have not bought the related or recommended products. This is a great way to increase order value and encourage customers to buy more from your store. Just be sure not to be too pushy or sales-y in your emails.

Survey emails

Survey emails are sent to customers after they make a purchase. This is an opportunity to get feedback on their experience and learn what you can do to improve it.  It’s also a chance to find out what other products they’re interested in. Include a discount code or other incentive to encourage customers to take the survey.

Some questions you might ask in a survey email include:

  • How satisfied are you with your purchase?
  • Would you recommend our store to a friend?
  • What other products are you interested in?

Thank you emails

Thank you emails are sent to customers after they make a purchase or if they’ve been a repeat or loyal customer. People like to feel appreciated, so this is a great way to show your customers that you’re grateful for their business. You could include a discount code for their next purchase or a coupon for free shipping. You could also highlight new products or upcoming sales.

Birthday, anniversary, and holiday emails

Birthday, anniversary, and holiday emails are sent to customers on special occasions. This is a great way to show your appreciation for their business and encourage them to come back. For example, you could offer a discount code for their birthday or anniversary or include a holiday-themed gift with their purchase. (And if their birthday happens to fall on a holiday, consider giving an extra bonus, or at least extra time to make use of the offer!)

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is a powerful tool to improve user engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. By sending the right emails to the right customers at the right time, you can increase sales, build loyalty, and boost your bottom line.

To that end, having the right technology on board can make all the difference. Look for a sophisticated email marketing platform that can automate these emails and connect them to larger customer data points. 

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