Customer Experience

A Better Customer Experience Starts with Your Website

Boost Customer Engagement by Optimizing your Site Content

Although the modern customer journey spans multiple channels, a brand’s website is arguably the most important. After all, websites are often the first touchpoint: customers will start there to learn about the brand, consider their product or service, perhaps browse the brand’s other offerings. 

Studies consistently highlight the importance of the customer experience: 77% of customers choose to purchase a product or service from a brand based on positive experiences, while 64% of customers report that they avoid a brand based on a single bad experience. 

For brands looking to provide a better customer experience, your website is the most important place to start. 

Get to know your customers: For marketers, the website represents a trove of first-party data. Marketers that leverage Customer Intelligence get real-time insights into each customer’s on-site behavior, including products of interest, level of engagement, and likelihood to convert. 

Boost customer engagement: As customers explore a brand’s website, marketers need to maximize the opportunity to engage with them. A customer on your website is likely either in the early stages of brand awareness and product research, or is ready to convert. With Customer Intelligence, marketers can identify where each customer is in their customer journey, and deliver personalized interactions that ease the customer through the path to conversion. 

Enhance the experience: The inability to find answers to simple questions, learn basic details about a brand, and struggling to navigate a website that isn’t user-friendly are just some website frustrations that are all too common. Marketers need to ensure that their website is optimized for ease of use, and leverage technology like Customer Intelligence that can deliver real-time interactions that offer information or encourage an action like signing up for a newsletter or booking an appointment. These interactions cultivate a dialogue between brand and customer and increase brand affinity. 

Omnichannel remarketing: Sometimes, a customer isn’t ready to convert on your website. When this happens, marketers can leverage their first-party data into that customer’s product interests and deliver personalized remarketing messages beyond the brand website. For example, if a customer abandons their cart, marketers can target that customer with a display or social media ad with an offer for the products they abandoned. With advanced identity resolution capabilities, Customer Intelligence gives marketers the ability to recognize and reach the same customer across channels and devices, creating a seamless omnichannel customer journey. 

The modern customer has high expectations. A valuable customer relationship can be won or lost with a single interaction. Marketers that invest in optimizing and enhancing their website with Customer Intelligence see higher customer engagement, increased conversions, and higher lifetime value. By leveraging valuable first-party data and real-time insights into each customer, brands can exceed expectations to deliver a personalized customer experience that builds brand loyalty and advocacy. 


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