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4 Brands That Use Ecommerce Analytics To Make Conversions Happen

So you have an ecommerce store or even an ecommerce platform. Customers seem to like what you have on offer. So your website grows and grows and suddenly you have a whole lot more data than you ever dreamed you would. It’s difficult enough handling sourcing and distribution, building an online strategy and marketing. So when you begin notice that you aren’t getting the most out of the data you have – what do you do? Hand it over to the pros, of course.

We picked out 4 brands that work with ecommerce companies and platforms on ecommerce analytics and make a real difference to ROI. Presenting, drumroll please, the pros that help you grow conversions like never before.


The most annoying thing about buying shoes and clothes online is fit. There’s only one way to describe that moment when you receive the order you’ve been waiting for and realize your were totally deceived when it came to the fit. It sucks.

true fit ecommerce analyticsTruefit’s Customized Fit Builder

TrueFit is a really forward thinking company that is dedicated to helping ecommerce platforms is the footwear and apparel space to make the best of their ecommerce analytics data. Their one-of-a-kind Genome platform boasts of a great ‘confidence engine’ that understands users’ past purchases or accepts the information they input and begins making size predictions based on their unmatched database of body styles. TrueFit aims to provide retailers and brands with unparalleled insights to optimize marketing, merchandising, and product development. With customers like Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, Levis, TopShop and whole lot more, they must be getting something right. 


As an ecommerce company grows, the challenge of producing contextual descriptions and text as your product inventory grows is difficult to meet in-house, especially if you haven’t had time to grow your content and product marketing teams until then.


Etilize has a product database for more than 1.8 million products in North America alone –  helping online sellers, retailers, resellers all provide the right descriptions to customers.  Elitize also provides in-depth descriptions with context, the right keyword optimization, spelling, grammar and make sure that your website and products get found by the people that are looking for them most actively online.

CNET Content Services

ecommerce analytics

The popular content website CNET’s Content Services division, offers great content for your entire website. The CNET content solution helps you build a foundation for your website with parametric search and accurate product data. That’s not all. With your ecommerce analytics, they recommend and drive the right changes on your website. They can employ a virtual sales associate to help your team, automate your sales cycle or help you with custom offerings that you may be interested in.

Boomtrain Managed Services


Boomtrain’s primary product is an AI powered marketing platform that can help an ecommerce brand send out targeted, activity driven or behavior based communication to customers. You can use their platform to send Emails, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages and lightboxes all to help reach your engaged customers at the right time to drive conversions. With managed services, Boomtrain now uses your ecommerce analytics to help you clean up your data lists, create intelligent segments, performance audits and create custom solutions to grow your conversions and ROI.


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