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Mobile Commerce Trends and Statistics To Remember In 2017

What is Mobile Commerce?

The Definition of Mobile Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through mobile phone and tablets, also known as next-generation e-commerce. World over, there are around 7.7 billion mobile connections and counting, 4.7 billion unique mobile subscribers, that’s more connections than people on the planet. In the United States, of the 260 million adults, 88% have a mobile phone, and roughly half have a tablet.

Personalization for Push

Push notifications are an essential way to communicate with your community and customers. Worldwide, businesses send billions of push messages every year. However just sending standard, one-size-fits-all messages isn’t always the best choice.

mobile commerce trends

Your online community is now smart enough to understand what a push notification blast is. Bringing Personalization into your push strategy is one of the primary ways to let your customer know that you understand them and relate to them as individuals, not as mere numbers on your sending list. Using details like gender, firstname, and location to send more personal, contextual messages – especially based on activities of engaged users is one of the mobile commerce trends that will help brands make a difference in their push strategy for 2017.

Tablets Driving Conversions

Mobile phones offer one option to drive sales and conversions. One of the mobile commerce trends that is creating a whole new stream of revenue is tablet users. In the United States, mcommerce sales on tablets will to grow to $77 billion by 2018. The great thing about sales on tablets is the fact that there is more real estate to work with, giving brands the opportunity to go draw customers into immersive, engaging experiences.

Mobile Coupons

Over 105 million adults in the US used mobile coupons in 2016. This is a clear sign that whether it’s through SMS or push, mobile engagement drives sales directly. With the spread of mobile wallets on Android and iOS continuing to grow, sales on smartphones and tablets will continue to grow.


Try to identify customers who may like to use a coupon and send messages especially to them. You can use a tool like Boomtrain to personalize your offerings and send messages to the right users at the right time, when they are most likely to respond.

Mobile Display Advertising

Econsultancy and Oracle’s Cross Channel Marketing report showed marketers reporting that the use of mobile display advertising in their companies increased to 19% in 2015 compared to 14% in 2014. Mobile display advertising using banners and video both The number was touted to rise in 2016 and now 2017. Mobile display ads that use video were initially passive, and have slowly become more actionable.

mobile commerce trendsGoogle Mobile Display Ads

Mobile commerce trends have advanced mobile display advertising as well. Now, they involve customers more, allowing users to click buttons on overlays, video player frames, etc. These actionable ads can be more powerful when they leverage click to call, share with a friend via SMS, etc. If you’re looking to invest in mobile display advertising, take care to understand what ads work best on what mobile platforms.


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