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Winning Examples of Predictive Marketing Analytics

Predictive Marketing Analytics is all about using the data you have as an organisation or platform to create winning marketing strategies that grow your brand.

The process of integrating all this data isn’t easy. Marketers often need the help of developers and customer success teams to put together this data and classify it. Once a decision tree is in place, data is clustered, associations are made and deviation detection is enabled. Now, the machine is primed to extract information from data and help marketers find relationships and extract information for predictive marketing analytics.

predictive marketing analyticsImage: Slideshare

Predictive marketing analytics has been used across the spectrum, from healthcare to the entertainment industry. We put together a list of some of the brands from different industries that won big using a predictive analytics approach in their marketing strategy.

Top brands to utilize Predictive marketing analytics

The Hangover Series, The Dark Knight Series & More

That’s right. Believe it or not, Your favorite Batman series, your favorite bachelor escapade series, and even the mind bending ‘Inception’ were all put together after intensive predictive marketing analytics by Legendary Entertainment. The software used micro-targeting to identify, reach, and persuade the precise audience.

batman predictive marketing analyticsImage: The Dark Knight Trilogy / DC / Warner Bros

For the Godzilla movie, Legendary entertainment analysed data across people, social media and content. The results? The trailer was built based on analytics and the production team saw a 10% reduction in media spend and the movie exceeded box office opening estimates by $30 million.

Mashable Velocity: Predicting Virality

The online content publisher Mashable made news started out covering social media and technology news. As they grew in popularity, they decided to built some technology of their own using predictive marketing analytics. What they created was ‘Velocity.’ A viral prediction technology that helps mashable editors predict trending articles on social media.

predictive marketing analytics

Image: Mashable

Some of Mashable’s most popular pieces of content, including one on WestJet’s Christmas Miracle story have been picked up and become popular using Velocity. Mashable has now opened up the tech behind velocity, helping more of their partners harness the power of predictive marketing analytics to promote quality content.

Southern States: Animal Feed needs Marketing Too

The Southern States aren’t your conventional digital platform. The cooperative is one of the oldest in the United States, with over 1200 retail outlets and a revenue of $2.5 billion. Their products are animal feeds, seeds, harvesters, fertilizer and other agricultural produce that will primarily be used offline, on farms.

soybean-harvestingImage: Southern States

To do targeted marketing campaigns right for their audiences, ‘The Southern States’ customer insights team uses Alteryx, coupled with their Facebook information to run

Predictive marketing analytics done right can work to increase profit, customer retention, sales and a company’s net worth – and the benefits of using state of the art technology to create winning marketing campaigns? Priceless.


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