holiday email campaigns

5 Things To Remember When Creating Holiday Email Campaigns

It’s holiday season, and if you’re a B2C marketer, that means you’re busy putting together campaigns for the busiest time of the year. As more stores move their digital marketing offers on the internet, and everyone goes crazy about the latest John Lewis ad: now is your time to shine: Creating memorable holiday email campaigns that make customers sit up and get excited and involved in what you have to offer.

So how do you stand out from the millions of holiday emails that a customer gets? We put together a bunch of ideas that help you connect with customers while staying true to the holiday spirit.

Talk About The Past

If you’ve been running christmas campaigns for a few years now, chances are you already have a list of customers who open your christmas emails, click them and even do some christmas shopping with your brand.

holiday email campaigns

They ordered your christmas blend last time? Let them know it’s back

Create segments of customers who have engaged with you over the years and use liquid variables to personalize the content of your messaging to them. Talk about last year, what they bought, whether they liked it, what others bought from you. Think of it like catching up with an old friend and reminding them about what they missed. This is a good way to build a rapport and retain customers who support your brand.

Get Geographical

holiday email campaigns

Across locations, there’s always a different christmas tradition, different places to be, things to do and local events that bring people together. Getting geographical helps you reach the customers who are closest to you and most likely to buy from you to ensure speedy shipping and delivery. The perfect holiday email campaigns for last minute shoppers who are lost and confused come holiday season.

Bring Value

This goes without saying, yet often gets forgotten Deal has to actually be useful – just not an offer for sake of offer or sending holiday email campaigns for the sake of sending them out. A great discount or deal is always appreciated – beyond that, with the spirit of giving and all – be sure that you are offering something useful and exciting.


Trello helping you with your Christmas To Do List is cute and all,
but how useful is it, really?

Create a Connection


Connecting with your customers requires you to have proper personas in place about what they like, dislike, who they root for, who they boo, what they do for fun and what they hate doing – and a whole lot more. With a personalized recommendation engine like Boomtrain, you can reach out to a Spurs fan and a Warriors fan with different merch recommendations: pretty cool way to set your holiday email campaigns apart, amirite?

Be Sensitive  

Not everyone is celebrating christmas – or anything else – during the holiday season. Of course, everyone loves a good deal – but it is important to understand that customers in other locations, of other faiths or who are just feeling grinchy this year and aren’t as heavy on the christmas spirit as you are.

Make customers feel special and included, but try not to push the holiday spirit too far into their inboxes unless they engage and shown interest. Analyzing your past email engagement and looking at emails with heat maps and click data can really help you understand who not to target.


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