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[eBook Out Now] How AI-Powered Personalization Trumps Segmentation

Our eBook titled “How AI-Powered Personalization Trumps Segmentation-Based Personalization” is out. Download your free copy now.

Within the eBook

Media and Publishing enterprises no longer have the sole authority on information distribution, like it was a few years ago. The social media has emerged as an alternate channel where millennials consume news and information daily.

One of the major reasons why millennials head to social media is because they invariably find the content of their interest. It’s almost like “the readers don’t find content, the content finds readers.” And, that is exactly how the Media and Publishing businesses need to evolve — by offering highly personalized content to their users. Moreover, the personalized content shouldn’t be limited to just their websites but spread across all touchpoints.

Although a few Media and Publishing brands may have implemented a basic level of personalization, it’s not enough. This kind of personalization is loosely based on attributes that are common for a segment of users. Segment-based personalization, thus, doesn’t really work on an individual level.

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Personalization.

The AI engine starts with tracking the actions and preferences of users. Over a period of time, it learns the interests of individual users. With this information at hand, the AI engine is able to provide individualized content to each user — across channels such as email, website, and mobile.

This eBook aims to show how AI-based personalization can be more effective than segmentation-based personalization in growing the business for Media and Publishing companies.

The eBook will offer you the following:
  • Ways Media and Publishing companies can leverage AI-based personalization
  • Real-life success stories of Media and Publishing brands with AI-based Personalization
  • Omnichannel strategy with AI for Media and Publishing brands




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