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5 Email Newsletter Design Strategies You Need To Use

When we send emails, we often spend a lot of time worrying about the content. We spend hours pondering over the right subject line or CTA line, and these things are very important. The one thing that ties them all together however is the email newsletter design.  So what do your emails and email newsletters need to have apart from great content, calls to action, all that mandatory unsubscribe related stuff? How can you find the right email template builder to help you make this a reality? We picked out 5 strategic elements that will help you take your email newsletter design and marketing to the next level.


A Human Face

In spite of having the most basic design – Plaint text, just one hyperlink and CTA button – Hubspot’s free ebook email stands out because of one striking element. The Human Face. Tova Miller you are now officially a person whose name I will remember. Using a human face gives the email a personal, human touch that immediately draws your readers in. In fact, it’s probably where you looked first before reading the text of the email below. Human faces are also great for advocating a solution or giving a testimonial as they bring a new level of credibility to your email newsletter design.



Okay, I know that you probably already use emojis when you talk to your friends and colleagues on slack. Somehow, we forget that we aren’t the only ones doing this. Emojis are on their way to becoming – maybe even substituting – whole words and expressions so its about time marketers wake up and take note! Adding emojis to your email newsletter design isn’t rocket science with the right marketing automation tool and the fact that they are so universal gives them appeal across ages and geographies. This email from MissGuided plays the emoji card pretty well, making it a big part of their content.



We get it. You have a lot to say. So make sure that you structure all that information correctly. To human beings, processing info in chunks is an important way to understand a concept as a whole. Really. Chunking is actually a thing, according to the Nielsen group. So remember to use dividers and design elements to split your email into a few solid chunks that is human-friendly as well as attractive looking. As the article says “Human short-term memory is limited, so if you want your users to retain more, pack information into meaningful chunks. Don’t ask your users to hold more than a few pieces of information in their short-term memory at once.” The Handy app lets you get the most out of your 


Stick With The Branding

A brand is a combination of elements, and the visual elements often form the center of this. Often, we can recognise a logo or a typeface of a company even if we have no idea what that brand or company does. That’s the magic of building a brand using the right design elements. There’s no reason why these elements shouldn’t translate into your email newsletter design as well. Dropping subtle hints of your logo into the email help with brand recall and give your emails a more familiar, consistent feel.

Gajan V

Mix Up Sizes and Shapes

We’ve all seen plenty of emails in the most standard layouts. Text-image / image-text alternation is one of the most common of the lot. So when you break this mould, you immediately grab your audience’s eye and attention. Alternating between sizes and shapes breaks the monotony of reading the content of the email and gives the reader a little time to relax their eyes. This email by does a great job bringing in hexagons to focus on certain products and also break the standard text-image format.


Here’s a bonus, you can also learn about key email metrics that one should track for their email marketing campaigns.


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