Consumer Packaged Goods Brands Support Consumers

How Can Consumer Packaged Goods Brands Support Consumers During These Uncertain Times?

Why the sudden surge in digital popularity? 

In times of crisis, consumers turn to the consumer-packaged goods they know and trust (in the midst of uncertainty, people desperately crave a little familiarity and stability). Few industries are as well positioned to meet this need as the consumer-packaged goods industry.   

That means brands like Clorox, Lysol, and Campbell’s are not merely positioned to survive during the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re actually positioned to thrive.  

Research from Zeta shows that consumers are visiting CPG-brand websites in droves to do a number of things: 

  • Purchase products for home delivery 

  • Research product performance 

  • Obtain product usage advice 

  • Check product inventories

Consumers are looking at to learn what they can do to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  

Consumers are looking to to figure out how they can better disinfect their homes.  

Consumers are looking to for updates on baby food shortages.    

For the brands driving America’s favorite consumer-packaged goods, now is the time to invest in clear, open, honest, and consistent communication with consumers. 


Don’t lean back. Lean in. 

The coronavirus pandemic has put a surprising amount of strain on the consumer-packaged goods industry. There are stock issues, supply chain bottlenecks, and escalating demands and expectations from shoppers all across the country. As brands stare down the barrel of these  challenges, retreating from proactive consumer communication will be the natural reactionbut that doesn’t mean it’s the right reaction.  

Now is NOT the time for CPG brands to pull back on things like communication, promotion, and demand generation. On the contrary, now is the time to ramp up all those efforts—consumers want to hear from the brands behind their favorite products.  

CPG brands should use this time to bolster existing consumer relationships and establish new ones by… 

  • Developing new, education-based creative 

  • Capitalizing on all the channels and touchpoints today’s consumers engage with 

  • Highlighting the versatility and multiple use cases for long-trusted household products (e.g. Clorox Bleach) 

  • Updating, in real-time, when, where, and how consumers can purchase their favorite products online or in-store 


Be personal and contextual where appropriate   

In the quest to better resonate with consumers in their time of need, CPG brands would be wise to add layers of personalization and context to their communication efforts (where appropriate, of course). Personal, tailoremessaging delivered in the moments that matter makes consumers feel like a brand cares for them—an emotional sentiment that establishes brand differentiation and cultivates even stronger loyalty from shoppers.  

That loyalty brings benefits in both the short and long term—when things return to normal, the CPG brands that make the most effort to engage with customers today, will be the brands that are best positioned and prepared to capitalize tomorrow.  


Never miss a growth opportunity 

Tcapitalize on every growth opportunity, the marketers behind America’s favorite CPG brands must be ready to loudly and publicly express their unwavering support for consumers in their deepest, darkest moment of need.  

At Zeta Globalwere here to help guide you and your CPG marketing strategy during the turbulence created by the coronavirusGet in touch with us today to learn how you can obtain clear, actionable insights that will make your brand more effective in its communications.  




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