7 Summer Marketing Campaigns

Summer is swiftly approaching, and it’s not just warm weather that people are looking forward to. More than anything else, it’s a return to normalcy that consumers crave, and with its return, a surge in pent-up discretionary spending. At least, 50% of U.S. consumers expect to spend “extra” this summer on national park lodges, air travel to beachside locations such as Mexico and the Caribbean, and family vacations to Disney World, just to name a few. To make sure your summer marketing campaigns are on-point and ready to capitalize on all this demand, here are some of our favorite traditional and digital advertising campaign examples from this year (and years past).

Summer marketing campaigns

1. Everlane: Feels Like Summer Marketing Campaigns

Via Everlane

The first of our summer marketing campaign ideas is from the clothing brand Everlane. The brand executed a series of emails as well as social ads to get consumers excited about their annual curated Summer Shop.

The above email’s curated content instills nostalgia for warm weather with its intro copy and offers recipients exclusive access to new arrivals that are perfect for summer. By linking to the “Summer Shop,” on its website, consumers can easily find new summer staples to freshen up their wardrobe. All while minimal messaging paired with clear CTAs help increase the chances of click-through rates and ultimately conversions.

The below social ad uses a similar approach to the brand’s email. It includes an intro description of what the consumer can expect to see when they click the link, as well as compelling overlay copy on the image and a 10% coupon code for added incentive. Using the callout “curated collection” before the CTA also establishes a sense of exclusivity.

Via Everlane

2. Budweiser: “Taste of Freedom”

Last summer, Budweiser launched a marketing campaign showcasing limited-edition Patriotic cans. The message was simple—to honor both military heroes and essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. For every case of beer sold between Memorial Day and Fourth of July, Budweiser donated $1 to the military charity Folds of Honor. Moreover, the popular alc-bev brand sponsored a livestream charity event and promoted the social hashtag #TakeTwoMinutes to remember those heroes who had lost their lives.

This summer, Budweiser is bringing back the popular campaign on social and continuing its donation promise of $1 to Folds of Honor for every case sold. This is a great example of how a successful seasonal campaign can be reused year-over-year.

3. Walmart: What’s Cooking?

With the goal of driving engagement and understanding consumer needs, Walmart took to Twitter for a fun Fourth of July poll asking users what they were most excited to grill up. Moreover, after users selected their response, they could order their favorite ingredients with Walmart’s curbside pickup option.

Walmart summer marketing campaigns
Via Walmart

Not only was this tweet a simple way for Walmart to increase social engagement, but it also offered insight into the products consumers want most. The brand can then use this data to inform future campaigns.

4. Campbell Soups Snack Brand ‘Late July’: Bring Out the Good Chips

Audio content experienced a constant upward trajectory for the past few years. In 2020, digital audio accounted for 11% of total media time per day for US adults. Campell Soups Snack Brand, Late July, took advantage of this trend for its summer campaign “Bring Out the Good Chips.” Although summer 2020 plans may have been dampened by COVID-19, the brand recognized that snacks were still in high demand for at-home hangouts.

Via Campbell’s

Knowing the interests of its demographic, Late July sponsored a popular summer playlist on Spotify to reach the growing number of snack lovers who were also active users of Spotify music.

5. Madewell: Getting Dressed Again

Madewell’s recent summer email campaigns tap into relevancy as consumers are itching to get back into “normal clothes” again. Madewell recognized this desire and launched its campaign featuring essentials for getting dressed again.

The first email in the campaign encourages women to venture into the real world of clothes again. As you scroll further into the email, you’re met with compelling images accompanied by witty copy such as “give your monochrome house dresses a break and be seen.” Each section links to the brand’s curated summer shop where consumers can browse all available items.

Via Madewell

Another email in the “getting dressed again” campaign is more focused on getting consumers back in the sunny spirit. The email opens with a hopeful subject line of “This summer > last summer” and includes products from every category the brand offers that are great for sunny days.

Via Madewell

Both emails in the campaign do a great job of getting consumers excited (and well-dressed) for the summer season, all while promoting the return of the brand’s summer shop.

6. BUSCH: The Ultimate Family Reunion

For summer 2021, beer brand Busch launched a series of summer social media posts aimed at those itching to get outside again after COVID-19 lockdowns. This modern-day sweepstake asked social media users to describe the family tradition they’ve missed most. In return for their response, participants were entered for a chance to win cash towards planning “the ultimate family reunion.” By incentivizing users to tag their submissions with #BuschReunionContent the brand was able to spread the word and drive a significant amount of engagement.

Via Busch

7. Coca-Cola: Open for Summer

In the same vein as Busch, Coca-Cola launched a series of summer marketing campaigns under the title “Summer Tastes Better”, a mantra that hints at countries reopening after COVID-19. Part of the campaign includes the release of poetry-laden packaging that’s meant to get consumers excited for the return of summer rituals.

Via Hypebeast

Some poems included in the packaging are an ode to the return of in-person activities (e.g. baseball games and the movies), both of which are now more feasible with widespread vaccine distributions. The brand is keeping restrictions in mind, however, and being mindful of language used (e.g. using “movie marathon” instead of “movie theaters”). By creating a new spin on its historical “Share a Coke” campaign, Coke is able to reach a new demographic and maintain seasonal excitement.

Want more inspiration for your Summer marketing campaigns?

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