Three Big-Picture Benefits Of No-code/Low-code For Marketers

In our latest series, we highlight why brands and marketers alike need to implement low-code & no-code solutions to access data sets that would otherwise be nearly impossible to obtain and use.

What if every team could be a software development team? Marketers are already using No-code/Low-code (NC/LC) tools to streamline workflows. These tools work  to connect data sources, build automated workflows, create personalized dashboards, and more. Still, the longer-term view of how NC/LC will reshape marketing is even more exciting.

1 . Innovation Sandbox Can Serve as Proof of Concept

There are hundreds of “wouldn’t it be cool if…” ideas that never come to fruition because they don’t merit the technical resources needed to build them. With NC/LC tools, teams can actually build what they need without proving efficacy right out of the gate. If the tool proves useless, no big loss. However, if it proves so useful that it needs IT support to customize it or scale it, great! This is an opportunity to prioritize engineering resources against a solution that has already proven its value.

2 . Scalable Integration Efficiencies by End Users Make Sense

There’s a joke about spending $1 million on software and $3 million to integrate it. The humor is, understandably so, lost on many a CFO.. Systems integration consulting has developed into a huge cottage industry because it’s difficult to execute properly. The good news is that NC/LC solutions can enable smaller scale integrations (e.g., custom databases, dashboards, cross-functional workflows, etc.) to be performed by end users. In turn, you can replace larger parts of your ecosystem more efficiently—which (bonus!) means you aren’t tied into vendor contracts in the same way.

3 . Adjacent Opportunities Unlock More Value from Software, Faster

Organizations miss out on potential synergies because tools remain siloed and systems don’t talk to each other without a developer to translate. LC/NC solutions mitigate this problem. If you buy an SMS tool for marketing campaigns, it will invariably add value to them. But, the value of that investment doesn’t have to end there. If that tool has a drag-and-drop interface for integrating different customer databases, it won’t be long before that same platform is being implemented for sales, support, or logistics. The result? You get more value out of the software, faster, and your customers get a more integrated, 360-degree experience.

Trade The Illusion Of Control For Actual Control

If the ability to create technology solutions is limited to a small, specialized group, you’ll have confidence in what is built, but you won’t be able to build what’s really needed at the speed and scale to keep up with market demands. While IT is essential to the future of modern marketing, its power to create solutions has to be more widely distributed. 

We’ve all agreed that every company is a software company, but what would the world be like if every team was a software development team? NC/LC technology doesn’t just distribute developer skills to more teams and individuals; it proliferates the innovation that comes with mastering those skills.

Learn more about this trend from this great article by Zeta’s Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product, Christian Monberg. Or reach out to an expert at Zeta today.


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