Data in Motion: A Retailer’s Key to Fueling Customer Engines

Is your retail organization creating a journey map for both your brand and customer? If not, you may find yourself lost, looking for a new route. Listening and responding to client and prospect signals is the best way to correct course and reach your desired destination with consumers.

Data in Motion vs. Stuck in Standstill Traffic

Many retailers can find their customers when they visit locations on their brand maps such as blog entries and newsletters, but what insight can be gained outside of the brand’s messaging?

omnichannel retail data collection

How can a consumer’s latest Internet search or comment on their favorite website or article inform you how and when to target with the best offer? Understanding and leveraging Data in Motion is the key.

Signal Data Makes the Path Clearer

Let’s look at the difference between leveraging customer signal data and using static brand interactions in a simple case study about a consumer named Lauren and her interaction with the Petco brand.

Insight Gained from Lauren’s Connected Identity Graph:

Petco is able to identify and leverage Lauren’s purchasing patterns across the various signal data collected using the following:

  • Postal (demographic, credit, income, home ownership, transactions)
  • Email Address
  • Mobile (location, app usage)
  • IP Address (household devices, channel, preference)
  • Web Behavior (recent interests, recent intent, send time)
  • Transaction (recent purchases, spending patterns)

Insight from Lauren’s Signal Data Across Channels:

omnichannel retail signals
  • Postal: Lauren recently applied for a home mortgage.
  • Mobile: She visited two stores last week.
  • IP Address: Three devices were added to Lauren’s household in three months.
  • Web Behavior: She browsed dog grooming content on four sites; she visited outdoor activity websites.
  • Transaction: Her last purchase with Petco was five months ago (dog food); she increased spending on premium products.

Combining the identity graph with signal data gives Petco a true picture of what Lauren needs…and more! Now, Petco can target Lauren, and other consumers like her, with high end, personalized messaging and offers:
  • Lauren’s interest in premium dog food may be heightened since she recently increased her spending on premium products.
  • Dog Grooming may be top of mind based on her recent search activities.
  • Utilizing cluster signal data, Petco can now identify many other consumers out there just like Lauren.

omnichannel retail customer understanding

What does all of this mean for retailers?
  • Improved creative assets that can speak directly to consumers’ needs.
  • Greater awareness and brand affinity with consumers because they now see you as someone who understands their specific needs.
  • Better messaging and ROI based on real-time needs and behavioral triggers.
  • Measured and optimized performance as a result of potential levers.

To learn more about how the Zeta Data Cloud can help you unlock your omnichannel retail signal data, watch my complete keynote case study at eTail East:


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