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Thinking about adding App Push to your mobile marketing strategy? Here’s What you should know

Looking to enhance your mobile marketing strategy? App Push might be the solution for optimizing your mobile marketing efforts.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how SMS and MMS text messages can enhance your marketing mix by giving you the ability to reach your customers via 160 characters or rich media content such as images, videos and animations. App Push Notifications via your mobile app can expand your ability to reach your customers in the medium they desire.

What do you need to know about App Push Notifications to incorporate them effectively into your mobile marketing strategy? Below is an introduction into what App Push is and how it can benefit your mobile marketing mix.
  • What is a Push Notification?
    • A push notification is a message sent from an application to a device
    • Push notifications appear as an alert on the home screen of the device
    • The app does not have to be open to receive a notification from that app

  • What type of push messages can I send?
    • There are two types of push notifications that should be sent
      • Transactional messages that are triggered based on an event
      • Engagement/Promotional messages that drive users to take an action

  • How are push notifications controlled?
    • Push notifications are usually controlled through the settings of the device
    • A user has the ability to enable or disable push notifications as they can be turned on or off at any time
    • Before a message can be sent the user has to provide permission

  • I have a mobile app; how do I get started with sending Push Notification messages?
    • To get started you need to install your providers software development kit, better known as an SDK. SDKs are normally provided for both iOS and Android
    • The SDK connects the messaging platform to the device allowing you to send messages and receive data back

  • Can I use a user’s location to deliver a triggered or scheduled message?
    • Once the user provides permission to use their location, you can use that location to deliver messages based on geo-fences or beacons

  • What kind of analytics can I get from my Push Notification program?
    • Many types of analytics can be obtained from your push notification program including but not limited to:
      • Track visits to geofences
      • See open rates for your campaigns
      • A/B test different content strategies
      • Export data for use in your own analytics solution

  • What kind of return can I expect from a Push Notification?
    • Location with Push Notifications is the key and along with personalization drives increased engagement rates
      • Click Through Rates of between 45% and 75%
      • Conversation Rates of between 7% and 18%

By adding Push Notifications into your current mobile marketing program, you now have the added benefit of richer and smarter mobile messaging.


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