Zeta Live: 5 Key Trends Shaping Marketing in 2023

The industry’s most forward-thinking marketers and business leaders came together at Zeta Live ‘22 to discuss how creativity and micro moments throughout the consumer journey today are shaping disruptive macro movements across the digital economy and marketing ecosystem of tomorrow.

From the current state of our world to the rapidly changing digital landscape, and even a sit down with Deepak Chopra, we’ve collected some of the conference’s most engaging sessions that marketers can’t afford to ignore.

1. The Next Chapter in Digital Acceleration

The last few years have been an unprecedented time for all of us. In many ways, they’ve made it feel like time has stopped. But this hasn’t been the case when it comes to our marketing landscape. Instead, the majority of brands are running marketing campaigns that look vastly different than they did in 2019 because our post-pandemic landscape has altered so drastically. Consumers who feel that they have missed out on the last few years are constantly looking for new ways to connect and engage with the world around them.

This pursuit has created a surge in new channels and platforms that marketers can use to reach their consumers in ways to bring marketing’s focus back to the Human element. In one of our biggest sessions of Zeta Live, We sat down with executives from Dentsu, GroupM, Mediahub Worldwide, and Publicis to examine the age old question: how can marketers ensure their tech is outpacing competitors?

2. The Future of Well-Being

For 30 years, Dr. Deepak Chopra has been a household name across the nation as an advocate for alternative medicine, his best-selling books, and for founding The Chopra Foundation & Chopra Global. During Zeta Live, Dr. Chopra sat down with CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board David Steinberg to discuss the future of well-being for all of us. In the process, the pair touches on the role of experiences in marketer’s outreach efforts and the fact that when consumers are buying products or services, they’re doing so with the end experience they’ll be able to enjoy each time. Because, as Dr. Chopra says himself, after such a tumultuous time our goal should be to work together to “spread a pandemic of joy.” Discover The Future of Well-Being with Dr. Chopra below.

3. Evolution of the CMO

In such an ever-changing marketing landscape, the role of the CMO bust constantly be evolving. In this session from Zeta Live, Zeta’s Matt Mobley sat down with executives from Doordash, GE, Group Black, & more to reveal how some of the world’s most forward-thinking CMOs have altered the definition of what it means to be a CMO. So what was one of the biggest take-aways from the day? It’s no longer enough to get anticipate your customers needs, you now need to get ahead of them.

In this session, the expert panel discussed topics like:

  • What should be considered growth marketing? Should it all?
  • How do you reach your underserved audiences?
  • How do you ensure there is enough energy going around to keep anticipating change?
  • How can you start from the customer and work backwards to figure out the tech you need to engage with them?

4. How Pillsbury Builds Direct Relationships with Families

In one of our inspiring success stories of the day our SVP of Customer Experience Solutions for our Data Cloud, David Schey, sat down with Erika Reed from General Mills to dive deeper in on how they use Zeta to reach marketing success. One key insight detailed how they thought the key demographic for Pillsbury was millennial moms. Instead, Zeta helped them realize it was women in demographics decades older which helped them refine their targeting and better speak to their customer set.

This session also dove into:

  • The best ways to build a relationship with someone you don’t know 
  • How to improve performance with intelligent retargeting 
  • Ways to utilize personalization to help decrease marketing costs

5. Rapidly Advancing Your Digital Transformation with Forrester

A decade ago, the idea of data-backed marketing may have seemed like a novel way to drive more revenue. Now, every marketer claims to work with vendors that give them access to endless amounts of rich data. Even with this inundation of data, many marketers still aren’t able to best understand if the data they’re receiving is valuable to their business or what they should do with it once it’s in there hands.

In this one-of-a-kind sessions, Zeta’s CTO & Head of Product, Chris Monberg, sits down with Forrester Privacy & Marketing Analyst Stephanie Liu to help all marketers better approach the question that none of them seem to be asking: how can data best benefit my customer, not me?

Want more insights to inform your 2023 marketing efforts?

Zeta Live ’22 was bigger and better than we ever could have imagined. With over 2 dozen sessions that spanned multiple stages, we were able to cover leadership lessons with NBA legend Isiah Thomas, discuss the state of the world with Mike Milken, and even discuss social media best practices with reality stars and real estate moguls Tarek & Heather El Moussa. Interested in seeing more?

Access all the Zeta Live ‘22 sessions by navigating to the “recordings” area of our virtual experience here. 


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