Zeta Marketing Platform Achieves Record Activity During Thanksgiving Week

During Thanksgiving Week, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) delivered record activity, reaching 74% of the US adult population and over 1 billion global consumers with 100% uptime, as brands invest in digital omnichannel experiences and consolidate investment on the ZMP 

Retailers are facing many unprecedented challenges this year. With the global supply chain, a labor shortage, and a desire to get a jump on the competition, many brands launched “Black Friday” marketing campaigns as early as September, accelerating the trend of consumers beginning their holiday shopping earlier than traditional Thanksgiving weekend sales.  

According to behavior tracked by the Zeta Data Cloud, this strategy has been successful, with a 15% increase in consumer spending from last year during the same period. 

Marketers that embraced modern buying patterns, such as Buy Online Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) or Curbside Pick-Up, resulted in in-store visitation increasing 32% and online engagement increasing 9% year-over-year.  

The emphasis on digital marketing to identify, engage, and drive purchases from the right set of customers was evidenced by record activity within the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP), including customers such as Haggar, Christmas Tree Shops, and others. This increase by marketers was matched by higher engagement by consumers, highlighting the ZMP’s ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale.  

Quick Stats from the Zeta Marketing Platform:  

  • The ZMP achieved record activity, reaching 74% of the US adult population and over 1 billion global consumers with 100% uptime. Engagement across every digital channel was achieved, including Email, SMS, Social, Website, CTV, In-App, and more 

  • +40% increase in digital messaging  

  • +60% increase unique open rates

  • +60% increase in unique click rates

  • +45% increase in ad impressions served 

“Retailers want to take advantage of increased consumer demand while maximizing their marketing campaigns, and Zeta has helped them get back to growth by empowering them to target the consumers who are most likely to purchase, engage with them in the right channels, and create digital efficiencies throughout staffing shortages. Due to the investments Zeta has made in our software and infrastructure, our customers are using our Zeta Marketing Platform at record levels to generate higher ROI.”  

–David A. Steinberg, Zeta Global  

Other key consumer highlights from Thanksgiving week include:  

More Time to Shop, Less Big Sales
This year, many consumers finished their Black Friday shopping before Thanksgiving week, thanks to a plethora of early deals from retailers due to supply chain shortages. As a result, the overall shopping experience was extended. However, the big deals that were typically offered on traditional Black Fridays have now diminished.

Mcommerce On the Rise
Mobile shopping saw a significant increase this year, as shoppers actively scoured the web on the go for the best deals during the season-long shopping event. 52% of people shopped on their mobile phones this year, while 48% shopped on desktop.  

Digital-First Becomes Priority 
This holiday season confirmed the digital-first world is here to stay. As expected, consumer intent for electronic items such as  laptops, tablets,  AirPods and other electronics rose 46%. Retailers dealing with inventory shortages were also able to  get  creative  in redirecting the connected consumer to products that are available digitally (games, movies, e-books, etc.). Time and time again, digital has saved the day and proved to be indestructible.  

Goodbye Sweatpants, Hello Lipstick
As many prepare for the Great Return to the office and social outings, consumer intent for beauty and apparel has jumped, with beauty increasing by 46%, and adult apparel tripling YoY.   

Pets Are VIP 
Pandemic pets are here to stay – and they have become a very valued member of the family as consumer intent for pet products and travel nearly quadrupled YoY. 

Wanderlust Season
With easing travel restrictions and an itch to break out of lockdown mode, consumers are looking to refresh their travel gear. Consumer intent for luggage more than doubled YoY.  






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