Zeta Unveils New Master Data Management Innovation, Eliminating Dependency on IT

As growth expectations accelerate the required pace of digital transformationthey are taking a toll on every organizationFrom re-organizing, integrating, and managing first-party data from multiple sources, to implementing faster path for go-to-market, brands are overwhelmed with the operational requirements standing between them and achieving their marketing goals.

For example, here at Zeta We’ve heard regularly from customers that even simple changes such as accepting new data from an existing source could mean 3-6 months of just waiting in their IT department’s backlog.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest Zeta Marketing Platform innovation, the Data Conductor—a low-code, easy-to-use interface that puts the power of first-party data activation in the hands of the Marketer. 

What Is Zeta’s Data Conductor?

The new Data Conductor feature eliminates the IT dependency on both cumbersome data implementation and ongoing management that were historically required to enable data-driven marketing campaigns. Updates such as adding a new data source that would have required exhausting coordination with IT with complicated code changes are now reduced to basic inputs in the UI that are easily tailored per use caseWe believe lowcode is the future of best-in-class customer experiences, empowering Marketing organizations with greater speed and agility, that will ultimately improve campaign performance while also relieving stress across business operations.  

According to Gartner’s 2021 Forecast, the low-code development technologies market will grow by 23% in 2021 due to the surge in remote development during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fabrizio Biscotti, research vice president at Gartner has said, “Globally, most large organizations will have adopted multiple low-code tools in some form by year-end 2021. In the longer term, as companies embrace the tenants of a composable enterprise, they will turn to low-code technology that support application innovation and integration.” 

Zeta’s new low-code onboarding solution is intuitive and marketer-friendly, making it as easy as possible to harmonize all data systems and sources togetheractivate customer engagement campaigns, and drive outcomes faster  with minimal help from IT partners.  

What You Get With Data Conductor

  • Visual workflow tool that accepts any data source: Onboard and configure all real-time and batch data sources with inline ETL for both ingestion and syndication. Connect any data source, configure hygiene and enrichment rules, and manage data destinations. 

  • Rapid ingestion framework and schemaless architecture: Ingest structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with speed and scale, powered by a schemaless and extensible architecture that works with the tech you already have.

  • Data transformation: Perform industrial-grade data transformation to optimize data formatting, structure, and values for better unification and enrichment.

  • Configurable business rules: Tailor data cleansing and validation rules by source to address the needs of your brand.

  • Data enrichment: Enrich and extend identities with Zeta Data Cloud’s proprietary data from 220M U.S. consumer profiles, 500M+ identities globally, and thousands of data points.

  • Market-leading database connections: Zeta’s flexible customer data platform can sit on top of any Snowflake or Google BigQuery database and segment and stream data directly with a flexible UI.  

For additional information, please visit our CDP+ resource page.


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