Boomtrain’s Unified Reporting for Multiple Sub-Accounts is Here

At Boomtrain, part of our continuous endeavor is to help marketing leaders meet their business goals and we work tirelessly to evolve and provide enhanced features and services to our customers.

We’ve got good news for our customers who use Boomtrain Marketing Engine (BME) to handle multiple properties (websites) and run more than one sub-account.

Introducing Boomtrain’s brand new feature: Unified Reporting.

Unified Reporting will allow you to view reports for all your sub-accounts (sites) from the parent account. You can now aggregate and compare data of your sub-accounts to gain a broader, detailed understanding of your marketing performance. Users with access to a parent account will be able to execute this function.

Boomtrain Unified Reporting
Sample Unified Reporting graph for a parent account with six websites

With Unified Reporting, you now have the ability to do the following:

  • Single login access to all sites’ reports

  • Comparative and aggregate analysis of key metrics across all accounts and their campaigns  

  • View report for Campaigns, Audience, and Content across multiple sites

How does this add value?

  • Saves time in extracting reports from multiple sites

  • Reduces complexity involved in reporting for multiple sites   

  • Provides comparative analysis view to compare performance of different sites and their campaigns against other sites and campaigns respectively

  • Provides aggregate data in the roll-up site

Boomtrain Unified Reporting screen
Aggregate and comparative data for multiple sites of a parent account

You can experience Unified Reporting under the Reports section in BME. The reports will now provide you a view of aggregate data of sub-accounts for different channels such as Email, Push, Messenger, and so on.

Unified Reporting will come in handy when you’re trying to identify your best performing account and the ones lagging behind within BME.  It will help you set performance benchmarks across all your sub-accounts and help you monitor them efficiently.

Watch Unified Reporting in Action

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