Case Study

Consumer Packaged Goods: Re-Engaging With 100K Customers

Reactivating dormant consumers with powerful email validation

The Story?

By partnering with Zeta, this maker of American snacking staples quickly and cost-effectively re-engaged with more than 100,000 inactive consumers via email. In doing so, this company obtained a clearer understanding of individual consumer wants and needs, allowing for the development of a more intelligent segmentation strategy for future outreach.

The Company?—Leveraging Client Loyalty to Build Brand Affinity

With more than $10 billion in annual sales, this leading snack food producer is loved by Americans at home and abroad. But with millions of customers, the brand found itself struggling to remain engaged with its most-valuable audiences.

The Goal?—Re-Engage Inactive Consumers

This brand wanted to rekindle its relationship with tens of thousands of dormant customers, inactive for anywhere from one to three years in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Their Solution?—Uncover Email Records for Re-Engagement

To facilitate this re-engagement, this snack maker asked Zeta to run their email records through a hygiene and engagement indicator. Zeta examined more than 1.6 million email address in total for validity against the snack maker's existing campaigns and other consumer brand messaging.

The Result?—More Than 100K Records Found

Slowly but surely, Zeta combed through the email records at a rate of approximately 250,000 per week. In doing so, Zeta helped this manufacturer identify more than 100,000 high-value consumers ready for re-engagement. Best of all?—Zeta did it without setting off ISP alarms in the process.


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