Case Study

Financial Services: Achieving 6X ROI From a Single Email Campaign

Reengaging customers and maximizing incremental sales using a personalized approach to email

Increase in click-through rate
Return on investment for entire campaign
Increase in open rate


With customer interest in their credit card lapsing, this world-renowned financial services company needed a way to recapture the attention of their customers, and motivate them to resume using their card. By tapping into Zeta’s email marketing expertise, this company developed a campaign that not only drove $1.37 million in incremental sales from a single send, but also delivered a 6:1 return on investment.

The Company

As one of America’s leading financial services providers, this Zeta client offers millions of consumers customized financing programs across an array of industries. Thanks to their expertise, award-winning customer service, and innovative financial products, they’ve been able to finance nearly $150 billion in transactional sales to date.

The Goal

Consumers can be fickle when it comes to how they choose to use their credit cards. To rekindle cardholder interest and stop the lapsing usage of their card, this company wanted to deploy a smart, innovative email campaign. Something that would use true, 1:1 personalization to power email creative capable of capturing attention the instant it landed in the customer’s inbox.

The Solution

On the advice of their partners at Zeta, this financial services provider took their file of inactive cardholders and enriched it with Zeta’s proprietary data cloud signals to identify markers for segmentation and true personalization (i.e. individualized content and messaging) to be deployed through a multitouch email campaign.

The Success

Thanks to Zeta’s email expertise—as well as Zeta’s creative and data enrichment capabilities—this financial services provider finally succeeded in reactivating thousands of dormant cardholders. The incremental sales driven by Zeta’s email outreach efforts totaled almost $1.5 million dollars, netting a 6X return on investment from a single email campaign.


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