Case Study

How Mitsubishi Motors Increased Sales by 18% with Omnichannel Engagement

Mitsubishi is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer based in Japan. Since the establishment of the Polish Mitsubishi branch in 1996, they have sold over 80,000 Mitsubishi cars. The brand is associated with the reliability of their cars and the high quality of service they provide to their customers.

The Results

By partnering with Zeta and implementing AI-based omnichannel engagement, Mitsubishi was able to better engage potential buyers, increase conversion rates, and boost car sales.

Lift in Lead Acquisition
Lift in New Car Sales

The Challenge

Elevate Engagement and Sales

To increase onsite conversions and support sales, the team at Mitsubishi knew they needed to overhaul their omnichannel marketing strategy. The company recognized the importance of leveraging real-time website activity to gain insights into customer engagement patterns and interests. However, their existing technology was unable to create a unified view of the customer, preventing the creation of a comprehensive view of the individual car buying journey.

As a result, Mitsubishi struggled to effectively target in-market customers on their website based on their position in the path to purchase. This hampered their ability to prioritize high-intent leads and coordinate messaging across all channels leading to a disjointed communication strategy. To overcome these limitations and achieve their marketing goals, Mitsubishi needed a new marketing technology solution that would enable a holistic view of the customer journey.

The Solution

AI-Based Omnichannel Marketing

To address their marketing technology challenges and enhance their omnichannel strategy, Mitsubishi and their agency, Media & Leads Polska, formed a strategic partnership with Zeta. By leveraging Zeta's AI-Powered Marketing Cloud and proprietary scoring models, Mitsubishi was able to activate their first-party data, combined with Zeta Data, and real-time pixel data, to analyze site engagement and predict the likelihood of visitor conversion in real-time. With Zeta, Mitsubishi was able to create truly individualized onsite messaging, targeting only the most engaged visitors across multiple channels throughout the car buying process.

By staying in front of highly engaged potential buyers Mitsubishi was able to stand out in the minds of customers, driving foot traffic to the dealership where the sales team could more effectively close a warm and nurtured lead. These targeted omnichannel campaigns based on AI-Powered segmentation, resulted in a 13.5% increase in online leads and an 18.4% growth in car sales while also improving marketing efficiency and decreasing wasted ad spend.

Increase Omnichannel Engagement with Zeta

Accurately determine the interest, engagement, and likelihood of conversion of individual consumers with Zeta’s AI-based Marketing Cloud. To discover how Zeta can help harness the power of data-driven engagement and drive incremental revenue, contact your dedicated Zeta Sales or Account Representative today.


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