Case Study

How Renault Poland Created an Action Plan for the Looming Era of Post-Cookie Advertising

Renault Poland increased their readiness for the post-cookie advertising environment.

The Results

The collaboration between Zeta technology, Media & Leads partner, Renault and their agency, OMD, yielded remarkable results. Compared to past proprietary data, the campaign delivered markedly higher rates at lower costs. Additionally, they saw a 14% increase in conversion rate—exceeding their initial target of 10%.

Increase In Conversion Rate
Decrease In Cost Per Conversion

The Challenge

First Party and Beyond

Amid inflationary pressures and a challenging automotive sector, Renault faces the impending demise of third-party cookies. Recognizing the necessity to adapt, Renault aimed to leverage its first-party data— beyond website experiences and interactions—in advertising campaigns. Their primary pain points were understanding the user’s position within the customer journey, identifying prospects ready for a purchase, and delivering omnichannel, personalized messages to encourage online conversion to a test drive.

The Solution

A Strategic Approach to Categorize Renault’s Audience

Real-time scoring and AI for segmentation

To address these challenges, Renault chose Zeta’s advanced solution built on real-time scoring and AI to segment their audience and pinpoint models of interest. From there, Renault and its agency were able to determine a taxonomy of engagement levels: low, medium, and high. Messages were then tailored according to both the audience’s interest and their level of engagement. This segmentation enabled the optimization of media spends, increased conversions, and ultimately, improved the user experience.

Programmatic, search and social

The approach also included leveraging these segmented audiences for retargeting campaigns across programmatic, search, and social. Creatives were meticulously crafted to align with message, segment, and interest, seamlessly flowing alongside the purchase journey. Furthermore, the campaign was continuously measured, allowing for real-time adjustments to be made based on data-powered insights.

This success underscored the effectiveness of leveraging first-party data for retargeting campaigns, particularly in preparation for the cookieless future. Through advanced segmentation techniques and personalized messaging, Renault and OMD successfully navigated industry challenges, driving enhanced engagement and conversions.

Improving campaign performance and customer experience

The adoption of real-time scoring methods, AI technology, and comprehensive measurement are tried and true ways to identify and engage with potential customers at all stages of the purchasing journey. In delivering personalized messaging and refining media strategies, brands can not only respond to shifting market trends, but thrive in this fickle ecosystem with stellar campaign performances and higher overall customer satisfaction.

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