Case Study

How Samsung Leveraged Intent-Based Segmentation to Increase ROAS by 33%

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, Samsung is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best products and services on the market. That passion and commitment is why Samsung builds more televisions and mobile phones than any other brand on the planet.


The Results

To reach in-market customers with more relevancy and efficiency, Samsung turned to Zeta to build and target more valuable audiences through a highly focused, multi-channel campaign.

increase in click rates for direct orders
Increase in click rates for add-to-cart actions
increase in ROAS vs classic segmentation

The Challenge

Difficulty Identifying High-Intent Prospects Leads to Wasted Media Spend

In the fiercely competitive direct-to-consumer smartphone industry, Samsung is continually searching for innovative ways to outperform its rivals and expand its market share. To achieve their lofty growth goals, the marketing team sought to develop a cost-effective retargeting program that utilized real-time website activity to deliver personalized messaging and promotions across channels. Unfortunately, they struggled to accurately identify and target individual consumers based on their level of interest, engagement, and conversion likelihood which hindered their ability to implement strategic audience segmentation across their paid media channels.

The Solution

AI-Based Segmentation Accurately Determines Likelihood of Conversion

To solve their segmentation issues, the marketing team at Publicis Media, on behalf of Samsung, turned to Zeta for help. By leveraging Zeta's AI-powered audience scoring model, which combines data from the Zeta Data Cloud with real-time pixel data from Samsung’s website, the team was able to accurately determine the interest, engagement, and likelihood of conversion of individual consumers. This unprecedented level of granularity allowed Samsung to leverage intent-based audience segmentation across all paid media channels.

With Zeta’s help, Samsung was able to reach highly engaged, in-market customers at the moment they were most likely to convert, with personalized messaging and promotions tailored to their individual interests and needs. This approach proved highly effective, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness of Samsung’s marketing efforts. Compared to their previous segmentation strategy, Samsung experienced a substantial lift in ROI and conversion rates, including a 33% increase in ROAS and a 220% increase in “add to cart” actions.

Increase Marketing and Ad Spend Efficiency with Zeta

Accurately determine the interest, engagement, and likelihood of conversion of individual consumers with Zeta’s AI-based audience segmentation. To discover how Zeta can help harness the power of data-driven engagement and drive incremental revenue, contact your dedicated Zeta Sales or Account Representative today.


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