Case Study

How Rent-A-Center Increased ROI by 300% by Unifying Their Data and Streamlining Campaign Validation

Rent A Center Case Study

The Results

By implementing Snowflake and Zeta, Rent-A-Center has revolutionized their data management and analytics capabilities, streamlining their internal processes and decreasing campaign creation time. By unifying their data and leveraging real-time insights, Rent-A-Center can now make quick and efficient data-driven decisions, and deliver exceptional customer experiences that set a new standard of excellence for the retail industry.

average revenue lift for campaigns using Zeta Data
lift in ROI after switching to Zeta

The Challenge

Time-Consuming Data Extraction and Transfers

Rent-A-Center, and their parent company Upbound Group, was facing a serious problem. Their marketing technology platforms did not sync well, which necessitated time-consuming data extraction and transfers. This hindered their ability to quickly validate their campaigns, resulting in slower creation, inefficient processes, and subpar customer experiences. Recognizing the need to enhance their competitive edge, Rent-A-Center made the decision to modernize their data management practices so they could effectively gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences to deliver standout buying experiences.

The Solution

Snowflake and Zeta Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks and Improve Campaign Validation

Streamlining Data Extraction and Transfers Traditionally, data extraction and transfers are notorious for their time-consuming nature. However, with the implementation of Snowflake and Zeta, Rent-A-Center was able to eliminate these tedious processes. Snowflake Share enabled the team to seamlessly exchange data between various entities within the Upbound Group, eliminating the need for ETL and Reverse ETL functions. As a result, Rent-A-Center experienced a significant reduction in the time and effort required to transfer data between systems, making it fast and easy for the team to create a unified view of the customer.
Unifying Data for Behavioral Insights With data seamlessly flowing between their new Snowflake database and the Zeta Marketing Platform, the team at Rent-A-Center was finally able to unlock a real-time, unified view of customer behavior and purchase patterns. This unified approach to data management empowered Rent-A-Center to gain valuable behavioral insights more quickly, helping them identify repeat customers, reduce churn, and win back lost business.
Faster Campaign Validation This unprecedented visibility into customer purchase behavior enabled the team to build and execute innovative campaigns that leveraged real-time data and better engaged their customers. New campaigns powered by Zeta Data achieved, on average, $500K more than campaigns executed before their switch to Zeta, effectively increasing their marketing ROI by more than 300%. The team was also able to increase their speed to market, enabling them to create more campaigns, more quickly.
Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Engagement with Zeta
Eliminate time-consuming data extraction and transfers and create a seamless, unified view of your customers with Zeta's revolutionary AI-powered marketing cloud. To discover how Zeta can help engage in-market customers faster and more efficiently to increase conversions and build meaningful relationships, contact your dedicated Zeta Sales or Account Representative today.


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