Hype Check:What Marketers Really Want to Know About Generative AI

About This Webinar

Generative AI has produced a lot of hype, but has the hype translated into application among marketing leaders and practitioners? Most agree that generative AI brings equal parts opportunity and apprehension, but very few answers when it comes to the practice of marketing and the impact it will have on customer experiences. In this webinar Jacklyn Alston, Digital Marketing Manager for Haggar Clothing, poses the questions marketers really want answered about generative AI to our panel of experts: Forrester Research Analyst Jessica Liu and Roman Gun, VP Product Management for Zeta Global.

They will address the questions marketers have been eager to ask, including:

  • Why should I or any marketing team care about generative AI?
  • How prevalent is the use of generative AI in marketing programs today?
  • How does generative AI differ from other types of AI such as predictive AI?
  • Will generative AI be additive to my current strategy, or transformative?
  • What are the initial steps I can take towards implementing generative AI?

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