Introducing our Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform: Alfred

Our Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform with Real-Time Scoring: Alfred

Boomtrain’s powerful system for personalization just got a major upgrade and we’re not just talking about a smarter sounding name.

Unpacking the “Black Box” of AI

AI is a trending topic and while many are just dipping their toes into what it could mean for their business, other credible sources are not only embracing it but touting how AI will change the world. The main drawback, however, is the inherent “Black Box” phenomenon that happens when dealing with a very complex set of algorithms. Boomtrain is on a mission not only to deliver substantial lift to traditional digital marketing practices, but to revolutionize digital marketing by offering visibility into how and why our AI system is providing that lift.

We know it’s nerdy, but we figured you would appreciate us unpacking what’s new with our data science-driven approach to AI and why it matters to you. Through this system in the coming months, we will not only be able to describe what our data scientists are doing to improve your results, but also offer visual evidence of what’s happening behind the nerd curtain.


Algorithms as a Democracy

No two businesses or marketing campaigns are alike; what works for one context, industry, or user may not work as well for the next so why would you use one algorithm? That question sparked the genesis of our next-generation system which learns how to optimize each individual campaign by deploying and testing dozens of different algorithms at once and continually-optimizing in real time.


Putting the AL in Algorithm

Move over Einstein and Watson, there’s a new sheriff in the AI universe and we call him Alfred. Our new Intelligence Platform, Alfred, will enhance the way digital marketers communicate to their audience by adapting to the many scenarios that influence their preferences and adapt immediately.
Who’s Alfred? Some say Alfred Boomtrain is fictional hero, others say he’s the real genius behind the invention of the external combustion engine, but the truth is that Alfred is Boomtrain’s mascot where he brings personality to the super serious world of AI. While Einstein is credited with the Theory of Relativity and Watson is destroying people at chess, Alfred enjoys paintball games and pinball to pass the time. We hope you enjoy Alfred’s persona as much as we do.


Crystal Ball User Recommendations

With deeper and more comprehensive approaches to understanding your users and their behavior in the context of your business, our new platform gives us more fuel to drive optimization through content recommendations.


Real-Time Tuning, Long Term Learning

The value for real-time automatic tuning has been stated, but one of the other new approaches we’re taking with our system is to continually learn and reflect as to why certain algorithms were used at a certain time to consistently optimize your campaigns’ performance over time.


More Transparency Into Results

We believe that a great machine learning system should be transparent to understand and easy to gain insights from. As we collect data and optimize, our new platform will bring you new data about how machine learning is driving lift in the metrics that are most important to you. Whether you’re comparing against your own target baselines or our bevy of algorithmic approaches, we can demonstrate the power of Boomtrain’s machine learning to drive your business forward. After all, the value doesn’t stop with offering substantial lift in engagement; by offering insights that can drive your marketing strategy even further, we’re closing the digital marketing loop to a better experience for your users.


Better Customization to Satisfy the Needs of Your Business

Whatever constraints and guidelines your campaigns need to support, we’ve built a system that allows for more much more powerful and reliable configuration of your dynamic content recommendations. For more information on the filtering capabilities available, see our Recommendations Documentation.

We’re busy rolling out our new personalization system over the coming days and weeks. You won’t need to take any action to be opted into the new system, and as your integration comes on board and our system gets to work, we’re looking forward to driving your campaigns to new levels of personalized relevance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].


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