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Prime Time Messaging by Boomtrain: Deliver Each Message at the Perfect Time

Boomtrain’s mission is to optimize communication across digital channels by delivering tailored, 1:1 messages to your users. Yet, no matter how relevant the message may be, if it’s delivered at an inconvenient time it might even not get opened.

With the launch of Alfred – our revolutionary AI platform, Boomtrain Marketing Engine’s (BME) dynamic content recommendations got a major upgrade. Alfred takes care of “what” to send a user and with BME’s ability to send messages across all your digital channels, we also have taken care of the “where” and “who.”

Timing is everything, and with Boomtrain’s new Prime Time Messaging we’re giving marketers the ability to take care of “when” to send their Alfred-powered, omnichannel-ed, beautifully crafted messages to their users.

Boomtrain Prime Time Messaging - Optimize Email Send Time
Optimized email send time for individual users

Prime Time Messaging gets the marketer closer to completely freeing up tough marketing decisions around when to properly deploy your email campaigns. Interlocking Prime Time Messaging with the power of Alfred technology, BME studies the behavior of users and automatically determines the ideal time of delivering a message to each user. This ultimately will not only grow open rates but with Alfred alongside, click to open rates start to take off giving marketers a true dynamic duo.

Email open rate with Boomtrain Prime Time Messaging
Email Open Rates

How it Works

Boomtrain’s Prime Time Messaging monitors user interactions with multiple emails and identifies patterns of user behavior. The system, with the help of Alfred, learns when to send an email to a specific user based on the above metrics that most likely lead the user to open, click and engage with your email.

Boomtrain customers can find Prime Time as an option while scheduling a daily recurring broadcast. The initial phase comprises of a learning period where Alfred begins to understand patterns through randomly distributed campaigns delivered at different times. A control group (a small fraction of your users) will be earmarked for non-optimized send and used as a baseline to compare lift from Prime Time Send performance.

Much like Alfred’s ability to continually learn more about your users as they interact with your messages across all of your channels, Prime Time Messaging only gets better over time. Now you can rest assured that with every email sent through BME, Alfred will optimize each profile on “what” the user wants while Prime Time Messaging optimizes “when” they want to engage not only optimal time during the day but also the best day of the week.

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