The Symphony of Sophisticated Marketing: How Zeta’s AI Capabilities Turn Complexity into Ease

By Roman Gun, VP Product Management. Let’s be candid: marketing is hard. The sheer complexity and volume of data that marketers need to navigate is mind-boggling. Without the proper tools and strategies in place to process, analyze, and extract information, it’s near impossible to glean meaningful insights from your spates of data.

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Zeta, it’s not uncommon for companies to rely on 11 or more—oftentimes fragmented—solutions that greatly detract from the customer experience.  

Call it the marketing deus ex machina,  AI is poised to alleviate some of the most pressing issues for marketers. Generative AI is already making waves, but the potential that AI can reach when it’s at the core of your technology is near limitless.

Zeta is “All In” on AI

Zeta is at the forefront of AI innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries in pursuit of innovative ways to make marketers’ lives a little easier.  Our AI expertise enables us to transform complex technology into tools that simplify personalization, automation, and segmentation.

The Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE) uses a combination of proprietary fine-tuned and public cloud models to help marketers extract meaning from their data. More than “machine-learning,” or a collection of disjointed, bolt-on AI tools, ZOE is real intelligence that marketers can use to make their lives easier.

By merging your 1st-party data with Zeta’s unparalleled trillion-signal data cloud, we’re revolutionizing what’s possible in marketing, and how marketers interact with their software.

ZOE is available throughout the ZMP and gives marketers the ability to ask questions and receive real-time responses—without burdening their development team. Built on a chat-based ecosystem powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, ZOE makes it fast and easy to get answers to complex questions like:

  • “What are the three most common journeys our customers take?”
  • “Which channels should we invest more budget into?”

ZOE’s integrated intelligence is the answer that marketers have been looking for.

The Building Blocks of Zeta’s AI

ZOE is made up of three primary pillars—generative AI agents, fine-tuned models, and multi-modality. By weaving together multiple proprietary models, Zeta has leapfrogged the competition by building a truly disruptive AI-based marketing platform.

Generative AI Agents

Zeta’s Generative AI agents make up the core of Zeta’s AI capabilities. These agents give marketers a powerful, intuitive tool that transforms the way they create and deliver content to their customers and prospects.

To make our Generative AI smarter, we assign each AI agent a role similar to an SME, which functions like a specialized department within a company. Each agent completes specific tasks, like subject line creation, asset selection, report generation, and campaign creation.

Agents are then trained on specialized LLM models that are given access to specific data sets within the ZMP via custom APIs. This allows marketers to automate the creation of personalized campaigns—at scale.

Fine-Tuned Models

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to Large Language Models (LLM). Unlike LLM models such as ChatGPT that are trained using massive, all-encompassing data sets, Zeta uses fine-tuned AI models that can be used for specific use cases.

By narrowing the focus of each AI model, Zeta ensures that they are not only laser-focused but also considerably faster and more effective than their LLM counterparts.

Just like a master of one, Zeta’s AI models are trained on a specifically designated function, laying the foundation for ZOE’s incredible power.  Each block can be individually tuned for specific businesses cases to ensure that the information coming back is both relevant and useful.


Zeta leverages multi-modality to aid marketers in more complex operations. By bringing together multiple fine-tuned AI models, multi-modality draws on the “specialties” of each model to achieve a job.

Consider the elements that go into creating a marketing campaign crafting an engaging subject line, selecting images, determining the merchandise to showcase on a website, etc. Rather than depend on a single model to juggle all these tasks, Zeta’s multi-modality approach connects various models, enabling them to work collaboratively.

This integrated approach ensures that each aspect of the campaign is addressed by the model best suited for it.

The Zeta Difference: Marketing Superheroes Unleashed

Without actionable use cases, AI is just another buzzword. For too long, marketers have been promised AI but have been let down by limited utility. ZOE is the answer that marketers have been searching for.

By integrating ZOE into the very fabric of the ZMP, marketers now have access to an intelligent, helpful assistant that will unleash their creativity and make them feel like a superhero.

Right now…today, ZOE is already helping marketers do things like:

  • Predict consumer behavior, purchases, and trends at the product level
  • Build sophisticated audience segments based on trillions of real-time signals
  • Answer product queries in real time using simple natural language prompts
  • Generate entire campaigns with a single click
  • Create intuitive reports that can be easily explained and shared with stakeholders
  • Quickly and easily add new datasets to the platform

If you’re sick of wrestling with incomplete, siloed data, ZOE is here to help. We’re stitching the superhero cape, but you’ll be the one wearing it. This is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

Learn more about how ZOE is transforming marketing.

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