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The Acceleration from Analog to Digital: Knowing Your Customers in the New Normal

The global economy is reeling from the impact of COVID-19. People are working from home, avoiding shops, canceling summer holidays, and staying away from restaurants. As consumer behaviors continue to change due to the global pandemic, businesses must adapt to survive.

But the question is, what should the adaptation look like? How should businesses change to meet the expectations of the new consumer?

The answer lies in data. Specifically, data that makes it easier to understand the desires and needs of consumers in a COVID-19 economy.

Stephanie D’Sa, VP Strategy at Zeta Global, had an in-depth look at how consumer-centric data can create improved outcomes for businesses in the months and years ahead.

Stephanie joined Zeta Global in 2019 and leads the Strategy and Analytics relationships for the International portfolio. She has 15 years in CRM, Loyalty and Commercial Global Marketing experience across retailers/brands such as: Emirates Airlines, Google, IWC, Cartier, Coach, NFL, Dell, Morrisons, Sports Direct, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Go Ahead Group, AMEX, Alpha Bank Bonus Loyalty, Electronic Arts (EA), BP European Markets, Dell, Modelo Continente, Woolworths SA, Rewe, AS Watson, GAME, Tesco Wine & Wine by The Case, Tesco Mobile, Tesco Telecoms’, Hugo Boss & Prada.


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