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Zeta Shines in Gartner’s First CDP Magic Quadrant

By Chris Monberg, CTO. We are delighted to announce our inclusion in the inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant for CDPs. This recognition underscores the role CDPs play in modern marketing. As the industry evolves, we see an opportunity to further clarify and enhance the value that CDPs bring to enterprises.

In this replacement cycle, CMOs face pressure to prove marketing’s value and leverage the potential of generative AI through sharper identity resolution, actionable insights, post-cookie audience reach, transparent governance, and personalization, to improve marketing efficacy.

Gartner’s report shows that there is a need to define CDPs based on the growing market size – but its gaps and stale perspective shows more progress needs to be made as the space matures.

The approach that Gartner takes on CDP trends prioritizes capabilities that are not as relevant to marketers today, such as probabilistic data, and the merging of B2B and B2C. Their analysis also focuses more on brands with the most awareness than actual technological capability which skews the data and paints a muddled picture of the market.

A Purpose-Driven, Focused Player

Gartner positioned Zeta as the highest rated in our quadrant, which contains the most technologically advanced CDPs. Not only is Zeta’s CDP the newest to market, in just 18 months we leapfrogged over 20 vendors, demonstrating that our technology stands out above many of our competitors.

Gartner’s definition of Zeta as a “Niche Player,” reflects a purpose-built CDP focused on enterprise organizations with massive data sets, complex data connections, a modern data infrastructure, and a greater need for personalization. In short, Zeta is focused on the most valuable niche. This is consistent with Gartner’s callout that Zeta is “configurable and useful for multi-brand organizations and agencies.”

We don’t intend to be “the McDonald’s” of CDPs – we’re here to serve our enterprise clients with only the most innovative solutions based on their needs. The Zeta CDP offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that provide marketers with lower cost of engagement and higher ROI. These capabilities include:

  • Identity: The combination of Zeta’s proprietary Data Cloud plus superior data management, deterministic identity resolution, and intent data target high-value customers with more precision than anywhere else – all while preparing marketers for a cookieless future.
  • Intelligence: Zeta’s AI has been built from the ground up for years to provide marketers with answers to its biggest challenges. Other martech providers are still catching up.
  • Activation: The ability to activate on all channels with precision in one platform.
  • Reporting: Powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that provide the insights marketers need to stay one step ahead.

Zeta’s next-generation CDP is leading today’s martech replacement cycle with innovative, integrated, and AI-powered solutions that solve relevant pressing problems and help marketers drive growth. Our momentum is a clear indication that the market is actively seeking alternatives to legacy solutions in favor of technology that can keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of customers.

Looking Ahead

Our inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant underscores our focused approach to solving the complex challenges faced by our clients. We are grateful for this recognition and enthusiastic about the new opportunities it brings. As the CDP sector evolves, Zeta is committed to providing innovative solutions that set new standards for what businesses can expect from their data platforms.

Learn more about Zeta CDP and why it stands out from other platform offerings. You can also visit the Zeta Advantage page to understand what differentiates Zeta from other vendors in the market.

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