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Various privacy laws grant rights to access, delete or receive a copy of your personal data. Below you may view, download or send deletion requests for the personal data associated with the pseudonymous identifiers on the device with which you are accessing this Zeta web page. Because we do not associate this type of data with directly identifiable data like your name or email address, we cannot provide it to you when you make an access request through our privacy policy using your email address. But this web page reads your cookie or mobile advertising ID automatically, displays data that we have associated with these identifiers, and gives you the means to download it or delete it.

For additional information, to make other privacy rights requests, or to express your preferences for Zeta’s processing of personal data on your devices, please visit our Privacy Policy.


Note that for deletion requests involving mobile devices, you must reset the advertising ID associated with your device. Instructions for how to do this can be found here for iOS and here for Android.



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