Why Zeta

Obsessed with Helping Our Clients Win

You want to focus on your brand and your customers. We want that too. That’s why we’ve built a platform powered by the world’s smartest data to help you grow your business. We’ll help you craft and deploy customer experiences fueled by artificial intelligence that ensure your brand is intelligent, personal, and relevant for everyone.

delight your customers

Using deep insight, unique data signals and patented AI technology, we gain a detailed understanding of behavior to deliver highly personalized brand experiences that drive the desired outcome.

extend marketing team

­Our team of experts — strategists, technologists, creatives, campaign managers and data scientists — become an extension of your team to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Leveraging smart, creative, dedicated people and our AI-powered platform, we give you the know-how & tools to become more sophisticated and the data & technology to drive higher ROI.

Understanding the Connected Customer of today and starting to personalize experiences by combining billions of records of signal data with the native functionality and extensibility of the Zeta platform helps you win today and position for a brighter future tomorrow.

Our data-driven approach delivers continuous
ROI improvement

The world’s leading brands are using Zeta to help grow their business

Chris Fowler
Manager, Co Name.
Ask customers to record a short testimonial video on their smartphone discussing what they enjoy most about your brand. Then, showcase them at critical points in the buyer’s journey. A short testimonial video on their smart-phone discussing what they enjoy most about your brand.

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retail case study zeta
Retail Brand Chooses Zeta to Implement Loyalty Program

Gets 360° view of customer loyalty & a platform that is flexible and adaptable.


luxury hotel case study zeta
Luxury Hotel Chain Opts For Next Gen Hub Platform by Zeta

Generates revenue of more than $30 Million through email campaigns.


bank chain case study zeta
Retail Bank Follows An Effective Cross-Channel Strategy

Achieves 38% reduction in annual spend and 30% reduction in attrition rate.

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