Zeta’s Private Data Cloud

Private Data Cloud (PDC) is a premium People-Based Marketing solution which enables our clients to increase customer lifetime value and brand affinity.

It helps you gain deeper insights into attitudes and behaviors of your first party user data, and send messages at key ‘moments of truth’ to drive desired behavior.

How Does It Work

Zeta’s PDC monitors behaviors across millions of touchpoints across the web and potentially incremental points of presence across your enterprise’s ecosystem.

It leverages AI capabilities to translate signals into personalized marketing curriculum for users.

Identity At The Core

The Private Data Cloud follows a deterministic marketing model. Unlike with a traditional probabilistic marketing solution, you know who you’re targeting.

Scattered web identities with cookie-based marketing

Consolidated view of a user with Zeta’s PDC

Achieving Scale

2 B
Unique users

12 B+
Users Signals

150 M
Monthly Upvotes &
Comments Monthly

750 M+
Email Addresses Tied
to a Identity

Countries with

4.5 M+

Intender Audience

300 M+
Global Connected

Learn how you can grow your business with Zeta

Use-Case : Auto Insurance

Use-Case : Banking

Use-Case : Travel

Learn how you can grow your business with Zeta