Zeta for Retail

Acquire and inspire customers with individualized experiences and offers delivered at scale.

The Zeta Marketing Platform enables retailers of all shapes and sizes—brick and mortar, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer—to make every shopper feel like your best customer, delivering meaningful content and offers based on insights only Zeta can provide. Add decades of expertise and it’s easy to see how Zeta has helped top retailers achieve their top goals.
Acquire the highest value customers
Leverage Zeta’s proprietary database of 235+ million U.S. consumers to identify and target buyers in market for your products.
Improve loyalty and share of wallet
Drive repeat purchases with precise, personalized messages, converting intent into loyalty and lifetime value.
Win back shoppers and prevent churn
Use Zeta’s predictive intelligence to reactivate lapsed customers and rescue buyers from your competition.
Move faster and make smarter decisions
Engage Zeta’s AI capabilities to answer pressing questions, automate workflow, identify growth opportunities, and more.

How Zeta helps retailers like you

$14M increase in incremental sales for luxury brand

9X conversion rate in shopping carts for men's clothier

50% faster campaign creation time for sports brand

57% increase in ROAS for online luxury retailer

Image of an online shopping screen overlaid on a retail background

Advantages for Retailers that Only Zeta Can Provide

More ROI, less complexity
Drive profitable customer acquisition and retention efforts from a single platform that wraps around your tech stack.
Drive active shoppers
Improve results across paid and owned channels with ability to target location, propensity to buy, price sensitivity, and more.
Integrated identity
Unified data management, real-time ingestion, and built-in identity resolution ensure a total view of the customer and customer recognition in any channel.
Personalization at scale
Automate campaigns based on audiences, transactions, events, and more—essentially any logic you can imagine when engaging consumers.
Customer journey optimization
Gain critical insights into purchase patterns, spend categories, returns, and more to determine what’s working and where to allocate budget.
Applied expertise
Benefit from decades of experience and proven success working with top retailers from around the world.

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