4 Ways to Boost Mobile Engagement for Your Brand

Almost half (45%) of the world’s population owns a smartphone, and many of those 3.5 billion owners rely on said devices to connect to the internet every day. As far as 21st century technologies go, it’s an unrivaled level of consumer adoption, and it’s why brands are doing everything they can to boost mobile engagement.

As a matter of fact, many businesses now view mobile engagement as their most important measure of digital marketing success. It’s why brands from Allbirds to Zappos are constantly striving to optimize their content (email, video, push notifications, etc.) and their digital properties (apps, websites, landing pages, etc.) for consumption over mobile. 

So, how can your brand boost mobile engagement?

Here are four tips we think you’re going to like. 

Simplify your brand’s website

Working on a seven-inch screen is a lot more taxing than a 30-inch monitor. To that end, your brand should do everything in its power to make the navigation of its website as simple as possible. Navigation bars with too many options or lengthy drop-downs are an absolute no-no if you want to boost mobile engagement. Similarly, form fields (logins, sign-ups, download requests, etc.) should be as simple, straightforward, and (ideally) pre-populated as possible. Consider  integrating with OAutho services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to make elements of the user experience as frictionless as possible. 

Make the most of email 

People use smartphones to check their email more than anything else, which means creating smart, savvy marketing emails is a sure-fire way to boost mobile engagement. Email can be used to notify prospects and customers about important brand updates, special offers, product announcements, and so much more. (For advice on boosting mobile email open rates, check out this article.)

Integrate SMS into your engagement strategy

Even in the era of 5G, data connectivity issues can happen, and when they do, it hurts mobile engagement. That’s why it makes sense for your brand to integrate SMS into its mobile marketing strategy. Whether your brand needs to contact old customers about special promotions, or share exciting product updates with prospects, SMS is an easy way to boost mobile engagement. 

Invest in mobile-exclusive offers

Implementing mobile-exclusive offers incentives consumers to spend more of their time engaging with your brand over mobile than desktop. These kinds of offers can be distributed any number of ways—email, push notification, SMS, etc.—and they’ve proven themselves successful time and again in terms of boosting mobile engagement.    

(Historically, Amazon has done a fantastic job of using mobile-only offers to increase app downloads, app usage, and web traffic derived from mobile.)

Want more tips to boost mobile engagement?

We know we barely scratched the surface on mobile engagement—for more advice on what it takes to ramp those mobile engagement numbers up, request an editorial piece from our marketing team here.


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