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5 Ecommerce Statistics That You Need to Remember in 2017

As the eCommerce landscape continues to take new shapes and forms around the world, marketers need to stay on top of their numbers. The industry is exploding with customers across demographics and geographies. We put together a list of 5 eCommerce statistics to keep in mind as you plan your digital marketing campaigns for 2017.

 1. Mobile 

Mobile will continue to grow in 2017 as it has over the past three years, seeing a 6% rise in consumers shopping online, especially in the United States. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile yet – now is the time to make it happen. Whether you have a great app or website, the mobile experience is one that can be so simple and beautiful for customers if done right. In 2015 alone, companies that optimized their mobile website experience raised revenues by up to 157%

ecommerce statistics mobile

2. Demographics

In the United States, users who fall under the ‘Digital Commerce’ segment comprise age groups from 16 to over 55. The 25-34 age group is now one of the largest demographics earning and shopping online, with around $567 Million users in 2016. This number is expected to inch closer to a 1000 million users in the 25-34 demographic by the year 2020. Ecommerce marketers need to spend time understanding this demographic, segmenting them into the right cohorts and really looking at ecommerce statistics on their websites to make improvements.


3. Usability is Essential

At every step of the eCommerce journey, you need to optimize the flow to get the kind of conversion statistics you need. Too many people getting stuck at your billing area and abandoning carts? Rework the process. From the order review to address validators and field design – every step counts to make or break a customers experience. Baymard’s ‘Top 50 E-Commerce Checkouts’ is a great usability benchmark of 50 e-commerce sites ranked by checkout usability performance. Home Depot, which is placed at #2 on this list, offers insight into how the checkout process alone can be streamlined exponentially to grow conversions. Remember, if 86% of online customers are willing to pay more for a better user experience, it’s essential to make sure your website offers one.

ecommerce statistics for checkout

Image: Baymard

4.  Marketing Automation in Ecommerce

Automation has gone beyond being the new ‘IT’ thing in digital marketing to being a necessity. Not only is email not dead, it is still a major contributor to customer conversions and relationship building. Automated emails have streamlined the ecommerce email process, some resulting in ecommerce statistics boosts of upto 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than ordinary “business as usual” emails. Omnisend’s eCommerce marketing survey shows how welcome series and cart recovery series can generate from 23% to 131% higher orders than just one email. Companies like Boomtrain can help you set up the right kind of automation to reach users at the right time, on the right channels to improve their experience with your brand.

ecommerce statistics automation

5. Search and Direct rule Channel Sources

According to Yotpo’s global user database survey comprising over ecommerce statistics from 120,000 online businesses, over 34% of traffic in 2015 came from Search while 40% of traffic was Direct. This is a clear indication that SEO has been and will continue to be a huge factor that decides how high your website ranks on search engines. The amount of traffic the search engines send your way is directly proportionate to this – so don’t forget to optimize your meta tags and descriptions site-wide along with making your content SEO friendly. Working with Google to create more structured data on the Internet, your web pages, in email messages, and beyond is going to be increasingly important. can help you get started on this if you haven’t already.



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