American Interest in the Olympics Hits a Low

Based on data measured from consumers across the United States, Zeta predicts record-low interest in the Olympics.  

More than 60% of Americans were unable to express excitement or interest in the summer games, and at least 45% of Americans confirmed they are NOT looking forward to the games in any capacity.

What’s going wrong for Olympics promoters?

No fans

People (from fans to the athletes themselves) are expressing disappointment and disinterest in this year’s games due to the planned absence of fans.

Wrong year

Because the Olympics are being held in an odd year (2021 versus 2020) many people are simply forgetting they’re being held.

Better things to do

Following a year of lockdown, many American’s just aren’t as interested in sitting in front of the TV, as evidenced by depressed interest in this year’s Super Bowl, Grammys, and Stanley Cup Final. 

Female Olympians are more popular and Female fans more common

Of those consumers who ARE interested in this year’s Olympic games, women outnumber men by nearly 10%. 

Moreover, female athletes are markedly more popular than their male counterparts. The ten most popular Olympians for this year’s games are:

  1. Simone Biles

  2. Katie Ledecky

  3. Naomi Osaka

  4. Kevin Durant

  5. Allyson Felix

  6. Megan Rapinoe

  7. Alex Morgan

  8. Julie Ertz

  9. Devin Booker

  10. Caeleb Dressel

Women’s gymnastics will be the most popular event to watch

Of all the events at the 2021 Olympics, women’s gymnastics will be the most popular with American viewers. Zeta predicts 33% of those consumers interested in the Olympics will watch women’s gymnastics. 

This year will be cable TVs last hurrah

Cable TV will be the most popular way to watch the Olympics, owning 33% of viewership compared to 28% for mobile, 19.5% for laptop, and 19.3% for CTV. However, this will be the last Summer Olympics where cable reigns supreme.

By 2024, more people will watch the Olympics on mobile and CTV than on cable. 


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