Consumers Want to Get ‘Personal’… Is AI Filling the Need?

As marketers, we’ve all heard about personalization, and personalized emails … and getting personal with consumers, but are we responding appropriately to propel our brands into the hearts and minds of consumers? Are we truly embracing person-based marketing, or are we faking it until we can make it? Perhaps we should be taking a closer look at how artificial intelligence (AI) can help us get there. Doing so, we may even learn how to significantly increase our revenue per subscriber.

We recently partnered with The Relevancy Group to find out how AI is being utilized for personalization and how confident marketers are in learning the capabilities of these machines. Our survey report of over 400 marketers entitled, “Powering Person-Based Marketing via Artificial Intelligence,” provides great insight into the minds of marketers who are having success and their strategies for creating a goal-oriented implementation and roadmap to ensure AI personalization efforts. Here’s a sneak preview of some of our key findings:

Email Marketers Using AI Personalization Outperform Human-Curated Personalization
  • AI email marketers outperform their human-curated peers in every email metric.
  • Marketers using AI are driving higher revenue per subscriber.

Consumers Demand and Expect Individual Personalized Experiences
  • Consumers are demanding relevance and a unified customer experience across all channels.
  • Lack of relevance is the key reason why consumers ignore or opt-out of email.
  • Customer experience heavily drives brand selection.

How are marketers using Machine Learning (ML)? This type of AI that uses data to train an algorithm so that it can learn how to accomplish a specific task on its own, is very highly rated. When AI is applied to massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to provide a person-based individual experience, marketers shared these experiences:

Confidence in AI Program Capabilities Continues to Grow   
  • Less than five percent of marketers surveyed said they were not confident in AI improving their customer experience.

So, if AI is proving to be such a powerful weapon in the fight to obtain person-based marketing, what is preventing every marketer from using it?
  • Management of copious amounts of in-house customer data.
  • Ease and time needed to deploy.
  • Integration with existing CRM data.

To get all the specific stats about how marketers are blazing a path forward with AI using personalization, please join our webinar on June 13th.  Our own David Schey, SVP of customer experience, will share insights from our customers’ success stories and help answer questions about how you can achieve success in your program.


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