Today’s Traveler: Marketing with Agility to a Moving Target (Brandweek Session Recap)

The pandemic has changed booking behavior with spontaneity and optionality replacing long-term dreaming and planning. Reaching consumers with tailored offers at just the right moment has become critical to win share.

In this Brandweek session, Crystal Eastman, CMO of Zeta, and Stephen Fitzgerald, VP of Digital Commerce and Distribution at G6 Hospitality, discuss how brands are successfully connecting with today’s consumer while planning for the expected travel resurgence in 2022 and beyond.

Session Insights

  • Traveler behaviors have changed, and understanding the new customer journey is more critical than ever.

  • Successful Travel and Hospitality brands are using data to power agile, omnichannel marketing strategies to capture booking share.

  • There are several lessons marketers across industries can learn from leading Travel & Hospitality brands about balancing revenue goals with loyalty. This includes evolving services to account for how consumer expectations have changed.

To learn more about how top travel brands are winning share, watch the full 20 minute discussion here.


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