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Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence: The 411

Customer Satisfaction has come a long way. Decades ago, customers participated offline in focus groups and written surveys. The arrival of the internet and email gave customers today a new way to express their experience and emotions related to a product. Over the past few years, CRM (customer relationship management) tools helped organizations start measuring customer satisfaction and surveys such as NPS, CSAT and CES and increasingly popular for this.

measuring customer satisfaction with net promoter score

So how is Artificial Intelligence going to change the ways of measuring customer satisfaction as we know them? Companies around the world are
increasingly turning to AI to measure this key metric and iterate on their processes based on the results. Factors like emotional metrics, sentiment analysis, 

Humana – AI Interactions with AI Measuring Emotion 

The health insurance provider, Humana is one of the first companies to use an AI to interact with customers and achieve key customer metrics. Geeta Wilson of Humana, explains in a podcast on the modern customer experience how Humana processes information. Humana uses a CPS-style approach to measuring emotion in AI interactions. The company has found that as emotional metrics improve, so do their other success metrics like overall satisfaction and the length of the call.

Video: Inbenta

GetBase –  Identifying Negative Sentiments in Customer Emails

Getbase provides a sales tool for the entire organization. Apart from keeping customers happy, measuring customer satisfaction by how prospective clients and leads are responding to your communication is essential. After all, the first solid impressions a customer has of your company are formed as they interact with your sales team. A recent addition to Getbase’s email outreach tool is an AI powered email sentiment analysis tool. Using concepts of semantic analysis, sentiment analysis helps a sales team analyse linguistic patterns in prospect’s emails and provides alerts when negative sentiments are being expressed.


measuring customer satisfactionImage: GetBase


SoDash helps companies run AI powered social listening programs. Their website claims that since recent surveys show that up to 60% of consumers change their contact channel depending on what they’re doing, SoDash listens to more sources online than any other tool on the market to ensure that companies never miss measuring customer satisfaction in a customer conversation. While tools like Netbase already do social listening, a tool like SoDash takes the process one step further and uses AI to respond to your audience en masse ‘without sounding like a robot.’

What the future holds

With the right information on customer journeys and the right understanding of what leads converted based on what sources, artificial intelligence engines can create new iterations and customer engagement routes to increase conversions and continue to measure customer satisfaction against key organisational metrics. The continuous archiving and processing of every step the customer takes to get to a conversion teaches the Artificial Intelligence engine. This engine can also measure customer satisfaction using these metrics or understand customer churn better this way. Sounds meta? It will be! 


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