New Research Makes It Clear: CDPs Need an Upgrade

A new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zeta Global has found that the majority of Customer Data Platform (CDP) users believe today’s CDP solutions fall short of business needs. They’re seeking a more robust CDP with integrated capabilities that unify customer data management with execution of critical marketing functions, like personalization and omnichannel activation.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key insights from this survey of CDP users and decision-makers:

  • CDPs matter: Nearly two-thirds (66%) of respondents believe adoption of CDPs is a strategic priority or important organizational initiative.
  • Few users are satisfied: Only 10% of users feel their current CDP meets all needs.
  • Future’s a fear: 99% of respondents don’t think their current CDP answers future requirements.
  • Tech support challenges are common: Over 50% of CDP users report technical support challenges and seek greater vendor expertise.
  • CDP functionality must expand: The majority of respondents consider unified dashboarding (63% of respondents), real-time data processing (63%), and personalization tooling (58%) the most important capabilities.

Today’s marketers need CDPs that can go beyond data management with the capacity to activate across all channels, generate insights, and measure results. This new breed of CDP elevates its role from a tactical data tool to an enabler of strategic business outcomes like customer acquisition and retention—ensuring customer trust and higher revenue.

To learn more about the capabilities required of a next-generation CDP and other important lessons from CDP users, download the full study. 




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