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In today’s marketing landscape, sophisticated marketers understand that true omnichannel engagement has email at the core. That’s why we’re always striving to continuously improve our platforms to provide marketers with the industry’s foremost email solution. And our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. On March 15, Forrester, an independent research firm, named Zeta Global a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q1 2022.

Zeta received the highest score in the Strategy category and the highest possible scores in 8 criteria across the Current Offering and Strategy categories. We believe Forrester’s analysis reflects many of the key investments we’ve made in Zeta’s ESP solution, including a handful of key differentiators. Below, we’ll run through a few things that we think set Zeta apart.

Create, Test & Optimize Content at Lightning Speeds

Zeta’s content repository offers marketers the built-in flexibility to manage things like templates, content snippets, images, and more, making it easy to maximize and reuse assets.

One of the biggest timewasters for marketers can be the constant design, and redesign, of emails as they A/B test different designs and positioning. Zeta addresses this with the ability to create templates at scale, by using our HTML drag-and-drop feature to create new templates or work from 33+ designs that have been pre-made.

Zeta takes testing to the next level with the ability to alter any element in an email to fuel A/B and multivariate testing efforts and automatically showcase which version won a test—fueled by a patented testing framework that deploys multiple competing algorithms that aim to drive the best outcomes for your business. As a specific algorithm meets or exceeds the outcome, traffic is automatically diverted. The algorithm continues to learn and retain its coefficient thousands of times per day.

Better Customization for World-class Personalization

Email content is only as valuable as its ability to be customized and personalized to each prospect or customer. With Zeta, this is a breeze.

Zeta powers personalization within your emails by taking advantage of liquid scripting to alter both dynamic and predictive content within your campaigns, with the help of the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) Content Engine. This engine continuously processes the different attributes that make each individual unique and accurately predict future intent. You won’t have to rely on just past behavior of customers to do so. With Zeta, your campaigns can target a consumer’s need state, intent, and deeper psychographics with individualized messages that are served with the preferred tone, across preferred channels, and with the preferred frequency.

Ain’t no Party Like First-Party Data

First-party data is essential to email marketers wanting to offer highly personalized offers and individualized experiences. Zeta not only provides the tools to effectively manage first-party data, but it also offers access to the Zeta Data Cloud, a powerful, proprietary resource for enriching consumer data to drive even deeper insights.

The core of our ability to do this is through the Zeta Identity Graph within the ZMP. It ensures that all first-party data is efficiently and accurately matched, enriched, and easily leveraged across channels. Marketers can also use our Data Conductor to drive flexible, immediate onboarding of data, permitting them to action on said data in real time.

But one of the biggest benefits that Zeta provides for marketers stems from our Zeta Data Cloud and looks at how marketers can pair first- and third-party data together to drive better marketing results. With our data cloud, a brand can enrich their customer data with thousands of new attributes, expanding their knowledge of this data set, and creating a second source of powerful data to utilize.  With all of this in place, Zeta’s AI leverages that data to deliver relevant, individualized messages and expand customer engagement to include next-best actions, look-a-like and act-a-like modeling and analysis.

Measuring Success by Outcome Instead of through Clicks

For many years, marketers measured the success of their email campaigns primarily through their ability to drive opens and clicks. But relying solely on these two metrics nowadays leaves marketers unable to truly assess the performance of their email efforts. Zeta takes measuring success a giant step forward by enabling marketers to define what a conversion means to them.

Not every campaign aims to sell a product or drive a view. With Zeta, marketers can define their conversions as a purchase made, a download, site registration, or any other trackable event, with the flexibility to goal their campaigns in the exact same way. We can also take it a step further by looking at overall customer and brand engagement through the lens of conversions, click activity, and website activity—feeding into Zeta’s holistic approach to customer engagement scoring. Additionally, as the ZMP learns, it will enhance engagement measurement using signals from the Data Cloud to better predict purchase and churn intent.

Look for a Partner not a Platform

From the beginning Zeta has always placed equal emphasis on our ability to provide customers with outstanding technology, full-service strategy, and support. We do not see ourselves as a vendor and look to partner with companies to drive success across their business no matter what their unique goals may be. We provide services to 100% of our clients for implementation through the running of their campaigns—with nearly half receiving full service and every client getting a dedicated account manager no matter their service model. All our services are in house to ensure we’re gaining the deepest knowledge of our clients’ business, and can assist across program design, execution, data exchange, creative, reporting, and more.

Interested in learning more about how Zeta can partner with you to create industry-leading email campaigns? Speak to one of our experts today or check out why Forrester named Zeta a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q1 2022.


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