Identify Intent in Car Buyers

How Can You Identify Intent in Car Buyers?

All automakers want to identify intent in car buyers.

Why?—Because marketing dollars are more effective when they’re spent on high-intent, sales-qualified leads. 

Therefore, automakers need to get better at recognizing window shoppers versus serious prospective customers. 

To do that, they need an amazing marketing platform bolstered by AI, machine learning, and an industry-leading data cloud. A great marketing platform can analyze a combination of behavioral, contextual, and transactional data, making it easier to identify and target specific audiences and individuals with personalized campaigns. 

The more quickly and accurately carmakers can zero-in on the “true shoppers”, the easier it is to keep them “in the buying zone” and nurture them all the way to the point of purchase.

But there’s more to it than that.

Carmakers looking to identify intent in car buyers need to accept that it’s a data-driven game, and those automotive marketing teams with the best data-management platforms will have more success.

When gathered and deployed properly, data cuts a clear path to intention identification. That leads to better acquisition, conversion, and retention. improving efficiency and ROI.

However, many automotive marketers struggle with data—managing their own first-party data, and sourcing the most relevant, helpful third-party data. This makes it challenging to measure relevance, establish clear intent-signals, and drive better business outcomes. 

Therefore, an exceptional data-management platform deployed with an amazing marketing platform is the only option for carmakers looking for high-intention leads. 

What it looks like to identify intent in car buyers in practice?

At Zeta, our industry-leading marketing platform mines more than 70 million auto intenders to target car buyers with precision. 

The scoring and segmentation of intenders is based on website behavior, engagement levels, and other interests. This allows our clients to deliver tailored, personalized messages to prospective car buyers across channels. Over time, this leads to more test drives, more sales, and higher ROI.

Looking to learn more?

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